what can i make for my sister for her birthday?

so my 11 year old sister's birthday is coming up and i don't know what to make for her. i want to make a homemad gift. got any ideas?

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    10 years ago
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    Since she's only eleven, you could probably get away with making her something cute. For my sister's ninth birthday, I gave her a 1 in a Million. You will need to find a glass jar, decorate the top with stickers, ribbon, glitter, etc. Fill the jar with 999 (or until it's full) solid-colored candies. (Example: all red m'n'm's, blue pop rocks, green jujubes.) Then take a different candy of a different color and put it around the middle. Take glitter pens or equivalent and use nice hand writing, and write "One in a Million" across the jar.

    All kids love sugar. You could always go to a craft's store and purchase a cookie jar; you can decorate it however you like. Since she's your sister, you should probably have an idea of what her favorite cookies or bars are. (Chocolate chip cookies, brownies, etc.) Make her a whole wack of them and fill the jar. Tie a bow on top. If you're feeling really adventerous, take some of the cookie dough and carve "eleven" or "twelve" (not sure which she's turning!) and bake an age cookie. Wrap this one, and give this to her before you give her the jar.

    I would personally opt to go with a homemade gift basket. Purchase one from a craft's store in her favorite color and fill it with little knick knacks; make a dozen of her favorite cookies and put those in there, perhaps burn her a mixed cd of her favorite music. If you're any good at knitting, sewing, or crocheting, you could always whip up a scarf or something to put in.

    If your parents will let you steal any of her baby/child photographs, I would recommend making her a scrapbook, pre-done, from when she was a baby. You can decorate the front with "Remember when.." and add stickers, photos, glitter, etc. You can add funny memories, pictures of pets, pictures of her naked when she was a baby (Kids love those! :P) etc.

    You could also make her your own hand-made coupons. Grab a box, or an envelope, and decorate it to your hearts desire. Make hand made coupons out of construction paper offering to do things for her when she trades them in; "Will do dishes on your turn one night." or "Will take out the garbage for you." or even "Will help you with your homework for two hours." Anything nice that you can think of will do just fine!

    One of my personal favorites is a candy plant. You will need to get ahold of a small flower pot. Fill the pot with cookie crumbs or smashed oreo's. Take some of her favorite soft/gummy candies and fasten them on lollipop sticks, tooth picks, etc, plant them in the "dirt". Wrap with plastic, tie a bow, and you're done!

    If you've ever made homemade soap before, it's really fun. Search for a recipe online, and pick up soap bricks from your local craft store. Find a mold (Usually about $1.50) that you know she'll like, and make her soap in that shape. Wrap and give them to her in a cute little basket.

    And of course, with whatever you decide to make her, make her a handmade card. Good luck!

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    10 years ago

    Make her a statue of myself. I always satisfy 11 year old girls.

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    10 years ago

    You could put together a photo album or collage for her. Pictures of her from baby to present day.

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