What exactly does this French passage translate to?

"constitution (accomplie), nature effective: Ce terme si important se définit bien à l'intérieur de sa catégorie comme 'l'accomplissement (effectué) d'un devenir,' et donc comme la 'nature' en tant qu'elle est réalisée, avec toutes ses propriétés."

It's about the ancient Greek word "phusis" as used by Homer. This is the best I can do:

"[By 'phusis', Homer means] (accomplished) constitution, effective nature: This so important term defines itself well, within its category, as 'the accomplishment of (or effected by) a Becoming,' and then as the 'nature' as which it is realised, with all its properties."

Is this correct? I'm especially unsure about "à l'intérieur de sa catégorie" and "en tant qu'elle est réalisée".

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  • 10 years ago
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    "Constitution (completed), effective nature: This term is defined so important well within its category as 'the accomplishment (made) of becoming,' and therefore as 'nature' as it is performed, with all its properties. "

    This is what it translates to in French.

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