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♒♥♡What would you name Octuplets (8) using these names♡♥♒?

4 girls and 4 boys please and first and middle names.


- Athena, Vivienne, Amelia, Charlotte, Elise, Juliette, Brielle, Ella, Mia, Rose, Victoria,Ava, Avioana

Sienna, Jessica, Alicia, Rosabelle, Aurora,Caroline, Leah, Atlanta, Autumn,Michelle, Naomi, Lucia, Lucille, Ariel/le, Helen, Madeleine, Isabelle, Isabella, Elizabeth,Evangeline, Violet, Tatiana, Lauren, Viola, Lace, Delilah, Talia, Acacia, Francesca, Belle, Arabella, Lorelei, Charlene, Mae, Rae, Harper, Elvira, Sophia, Kate, Katherine, Ivy, Isadore, Genivieve, Eve,


Nathaniel, Nathan, Jude, Jamie, Isaac, Mattias, Matthew, Christopher, Aiden, Nicholas, Dylan, Joshua, Theodore, Ezra, Lucas, Gideon, Silvester,Alexander, Jascob, Henry, Harry, Wyatt, Evander, George, Thomas, Landon, Parker, Daniel, Keegan, Riley, Callum,Charles,Edward,Samuel, Dean, Sayer, Sean,Larry, Luke, James, Hayden,Stephen, Finlay, Anton, Brandon, August, Rowan, Ronan.

BQ: What do you think of these names?


They are octuplets (siblings), not any random children, so please do not use the same name twice

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    Ava Katherine

    Sophia Rae

    Juliette Arielle

    Sienna Michelle

    Landon Christopher <3

    Evander Parker

    Isaac Matthew

    Ezra Lucas

    BQ: I love these names! We have a very similar taste in names! It made it very difficult to pick names because I liked to many of them - Landon, Ezra, Lucas, Juliette, Sienna, Sophia, Ava, Katherine are all some of my favorite names! make another game like this please! :)

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago


    Athena Harper

    Francesca Autumn

    Genivieve Viola

    Lorelei Tatiana

    Boy: August Nathaniel

    Charles Evander

    Landon Wyatt

    Parker Brandon

    Love the names

  • 10 years ago

    ♀ Viola Madeleine Eve

    ♂ Henry Evander Callum

    ♀ Athena Vivienne Lucille

    ♂ Jude Theodore August

    ♀ Ivy Francesca Belle

    ♂ Rowan Isaac Mattias

    ♀ Charlotte Acacia Caroline

    ♂ Finlay Edward Charles

    -- {Lola, Henry, Thea, Jude, Ivy, Rowan, Lottie & Finn}

  • 10 years ago

    1. Isaac Keegan

    2. Landon Parker

    3. Thomas Hayden

    4. Anton Christopher

    5. Isabella Autumn

    6. Atlanta Michelle

    7. Francesca Arielle

    8. Viola Lucille

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  • xoxo
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    10 years ago

    Aurora Elise, Amelia Charlotte, Ava Madeleine, Violet Isabelle, Nathan Jude, Issac Matthew, Riley Parker, James Callum

    amazing names!

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Ella Madeleine

    Ava Charlotte

    Sienna Evangeline

    Sophia Eve

    Isaac Matthew

    Landon Jude

    Hayden Christopher

    Rowan Charles

    Ella, Ava, Sienna, Sophia, Isaac, Landen, Hayden and Rowan.

  • 10 years ago

    Ella Madeleine, Kate Sophia, Violet Elise, Ava Charlotte

    Dylan Jacob, Lucas Henry, Parker Dean, Matthew Riley

    They're cute!

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Aurora Rose

    Amelia Brielle

    Victoria Eve

    Charlotte Isabella

    Aiden Charles

    Sean Christopher <3

    James Dylan

    Joshua Gideon

    Aurora, Amelia, Victoria, Charlotte, Aiden, Sean, James, & Josh

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    -- Madeleine Ella "Maddie"

    -- Lorelei Amelia "Laurie"

    -- Evangeline Naomi "Evie"

    -- Isabella Kate "Izzy"

    -- August Henry

    -- Jude Evander

    -- Theodore Ronan

    -- Mattias Hayden

    I adore Vivienne, Amelia, Charlotte, Elise, Ella, Mia, Rose, Lucia, Madeleine, Isabella, Elizabeth, Evangeline, Lorelei, Sophia, Katherine, Genevieve and Eve for the girls.

    I love Jude, Matthias, Matthew, Nicholas, Theodore, Lucas, Gideon, Henry, Harry, Evander, Thomas, Daniel, Charles, Dean, Samuel, James, Hayden, August and Ronan for the boys.

    I like most of the others, but the above are names that I just love!

    Source(s): *Wayward Son*
  • Liv
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    10 years ago

    Ariel Kate, Delilah Violet, Lucille Rae, Lorelei Genevieve, James Christopher, Henry Theodore, Nathaniel August, and Finlay Jude.

    BQ: I like most of them, but some are too common and over-used: Ava, Jessica, Michelle, Isabella, Lauren; Sean, Hayden, Daniel, Alexander, Dylan, and Samuel.

    They'd be called Ariel, Dee, Lucy, Rory, Jamie, Henry, Nate, and Finn.

  • Slinky
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    10 years ago

    Arielle Charlotte Rose

    Lucia Madeleine Kate

    Violet Elizabeth Mae

    Sophia Katherine Eve

    Jude Samuel Charles

    Henry Thomas George

    Isaac Theodore James

    Lucas Matthew Edward

    "Aria, Lucie, Violet, Fia, Jude, Henry, Isaac and Luke"

    That was really hard, I love nearly all the names you have there!

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