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Living the Life

Mikayla Elizabeth Jones was born in San Diego, California, on July 4th, 2024. She was named after her great grandmother, Elizabeth Jones. Mikayla was the youngest of the four children, and yet the smartest. At the age of 3, Mikayla's parents made the decision for a divorce, and it was decided that she and her siblings, Tyler (16), Savannah (14), Aidan (12) were to live with their mother, Niki Kalmbach.

Mikayla and Tyler hated having to live with Niki, therefore they made couple attempts to find their father, Matthew Jones. As the years went by, the two siblings lived with their father until the year 2034, when Matthew Jones was involved in a fatal car accident and was killed. Mikayla then returned back to living with their mother, and Tyler was gone off to University. After two years, Mikayla and her family decided that they wanted to make a change in their lives, so they chose to move and settle down in Toronto, the city where all inventors were born.

Finally found her interest

As the years past, Mikayla enjoyed using her imagination to pretend she is creating some thing new to the world. Everyone in her family wasn't a big fan of inventing, and they even thought it would be useless for a girl in the family to become an inventor, but the more her family told her that, the more she wanted to grow up to be one. Then one day, she realized that it didn't matter what her family told her, it's her life and it was her decision, and she said to her self that she would make a great inventor, and no one will change that mind of hers.

Mikayla would always try to prove her family wrong, especially her mother, and that she would make the best invention in the entire world. At the age of 11, Mikayla started to use blueprints and make sketches on the things she would like to created. When her school was going to have a "Best Inventions" Contest, Mikayla thought that would be day her dreams come true, and she would be able to tell her family they are wrong. However, it was the complete opposite, Mikayla wasn't able to prove them wrong, she did not win the contest, her mother had thought she would give up after the big disappointment but she didn't, she chose to keep trying.

University Days

As Mikayla grew up, and finally going off to University, her dream of being an inventor stayed. She used all the time she could to read about how she could make the best inventions and she would experiment her blueprints. She created many different types of blueprints, like for automatic laundry folding machine, make up shooter, which she named "The Folder", and "Fast and Clean". She was planning to be in university for four years. At times, she thought she wanted to give up because she couldn't get her creations to work the way she wanted them to.

Finally, the day she has been waiting for, had come. It was the end of university. Mikayla planned to move to a different country to see if she go make her creations there. But before she did, she received a phone call from Tyler, saying that Niki had passed away. Mikayla could not believe it, the one who had been there with her through all her problems is now gone. Now, she really wanted to give up, but there was something in her mind telling her that her mother wouldn't want her to give up.

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