Find an equation in standard form for the line described.?

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Having y-intercept 6 and parallel to the x-axis.

Also, does it make a difference if it were parallel to the y-axis?
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  • Paul answered 3 years ago
Yes it makes a big difference if it were parallel to the y axis.

A stright line parallel to the x axis which goes through the y intercept 6 has to give a value of 6 for y regardless of the value for x.

y =6

is the equation you're looking for.

or in slope intercept form, y = 0x + 6

If the line were parallel to the y axis then whatever the value for y x would always be the same, assuming it went through the same point 0,6 (that is to say y intercept 6), the the equation would have been x = 6

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Thanks for explaining! :D
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  • Madeleine Espulgar answered 3 years ago
    y = mx + c

    c = y intercept = 6

    if it is parallel to x-axis it is horizontal and slope = 0

    equation is y = 0x + 6
    y = 6
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  • peabody answered 3 years ago
    y = 6
    y -6 =0
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