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Questions about putting my dog on a different diet?

Yesterday I asked a question about putting my dog on a raw food diet, I got some good answers but a major concern seems to be salmonella poisoning and parasites. So now I'm thinking about cooking all the meat to avoid any sickness that maybe associated with feeding raw. My dog has a heart condition which is the reason I want to change his diet. He's currently on Acana small breed dog food, it's great but I want to see if I can feed him something healthier. Also I wouldn't be giving him bones and other animal by-products, I have a rule anything I won't eat my animals shouldn't eat either (if I wasn't vegan). So do you guys think that this would be a good change for him? Would it benefit him more then food he's on now?



I have a vet appointment on friday I just was hoping to get some other suggestions, and yes diet.. What else would call it? Right now he's on a dry food diet, strictly dry food.. There are more then one mean to the word DIET. Please don't be rude unless you have a reason to.

Update 2:

And Erin I said I wasn't putting him on a raw food diet. My dog is a Chihuahua his throat is small and the slivers from the bones can rip up his throat and intestines.. I'm not putting my dog at risk like that..

Update 3:

Also my sister had a dog die from salmonella poisoning because someone threw a raw chicken bone in our yard.. So I'm not going to risk it.

Update 4:

His heart condition is my main concern that's why I'm trying to do everything I can to help it.. I thought maybe a change in the diet would good. He's also a bit overweight, so I thought it might help control the amount he eats. I have 5 other dogs in the house so it's a bit hard to control the amount of food, all my other dogs are in good shape it's just him, he's also got a thyroid problem which restricts him from losing the weight.

Update 5:

@ Erin, Would you mind emailing me, because I'm on the fence about a raw food diet and telling me about it. I want what is best for my dog and if all goes well I will put all my other dogs on it. And of course I will talk to my vet before I do anything I'd just like to get some information on how to start it. I'd really appreciate it, thanks. =)

Update 6:

@ Jenny, he's already on 9 different vitamins including iodine. So there is no issue there. I've already read what and how much of everything I should give him, and the food he's on now has no by-products, and it's one of the best foods out there.

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    Raw food diets NEED to include edible bones and organ meat, otherwise they wont be getting all the nutrition they need. 80% meat, 10% bone, 10% organ.

    Salmonella in raw meat - dogs fed raw food diets stomachs are extremely acidic, more acidic than ours even. They aren't effected by salmonella found in raw meat. You don't need to worry about that.

    Parasites - Freezing kills/causes parasites to go dormant, rendering them harmless. Plus, anything alive should be taken care of in the stomach anyways (again, because of the acidity)

    Any other questions about raw feeding I'd be happy to help, I'm I strong believer of the benefits of raw.


    Even the smallest of chi's can thrive on a raw diet, I know this for a fact - you can break up chicken bones with your bare hands, and if you were to crunch one up with a hammer, it would turn to mush. So just think of what a dogs jaw can do to them. They are extremely soft, is my point lol, so you don't need to worry about anything scratching the dogs throat. As for the bone thrown into the yard - very very unfortunate and a flukey accident, I'm sorry to hear that happened. The fact that the dog isn't used to digesting such things (raw food digests muuuuch differently than cooked food) and the fact that who knows how long the bone had been sitting out before the dog ate it, is not surprising that it made her sick.

    I understand your concern, I really do, but you expressed interest in learning about a "better" diet for your dog. Well raw is the best, most appropriate diet there is - when done correctly. I know plenty of chi raw feeders that will gladly tell you the exact same thing, if you'd like to hear from them.

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    You can do a home cooked diet instead of the raw. It's not quite as good but still much better then any dry or canned food. The thing is if you are going to make it yourself you need to do a lot of research to make sure its balanced. You cant feed just muscle meat. You also need to include organs. You can leave out the bone (which you would want to do anyway since you are going to cook it) but you then need to include a calcium supplement like bone meal. If you're cooking it then you definitely want to add in some digestive enzymes and probiotics as well. There are actually a lot of supplements that even most raw feeders don't think about adding that really should be. Muscle meat, bones, and organs are not whole animals and a lot is left out, including iodine which supports thyroid function. I would highly recommend either going with a commercially prepared raw diet or do a lot of research and follow a vet approved recipe that is well balanced and at least meets AAFCO's minimum standards. You pup is struggling with a lot of issues, you don't want to give him more problems because he is deficient in a certain essential nutrient.

    I follow this recipe book written by a vet and a nutritionist. The diet is AAFCO, NRC and Ancestral Diet approved. It's really well balanced so you can feel safe your dog is getting everything he needs and not just guessing. But it is more work. The book is more geared towards raw feeding but it also helps you to do a home cooked diet.

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    Im personally would continue feeding acana. that is the best dry dog food next to orijen. If you want to feed something better, step up to Orijen red meat, or 6 fish. t i am feeding my 6 month old golden retriever acana.. Its alot more economical then feeding raw, and personally i think is safer then raw. Raw is the most natural, but products like natures variety have been involved in more recalls then champion pet foods.

    Source(s): owner of a golden retriever.
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    Other than sodium content, your dogs heart condition should not be a condition to put him on a raw diet. Acana is as good as anything, but with a heart condition medication prescribed by your vet should be the main concern, not the diet.

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    Err, at the moment I can't think of the name, but there is a "RAW" dog food that is kibble, but close to RAW. It would probably make a good alternative if you are worried. Hopefully someone can come on here and say what I am trying to think of.

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    There is a frozen raw diet you can buy, I think it's called Natures Variety. You can get chicken, beef, bison, deer. It comes in medallions or paddy's.You just defrost and feed.

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    What do you mean a diet? Dude don't give your dog a diet unless a vet recommends you. There is no point of giving a dog a diet.Give him is regular dog food and walk your dog instead of a diet!

    A diet on a dog?? Really?NO!

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    You should talk to your vet about what kind of diet your dog should be on.

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    Check out Natures Varitey. Their foods are 100% free of corn, wheat, soy, chemical preservatives, and artificial colors & flavors

    Also make sure you change him slowly so he doesnt get a stomach ache or diarrhea

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