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What music software can I do this with?

I want to be able to put a song in some software stop it at some point but continue the beat record a verse then get the song to continue playing. What software would allow me to do this?

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    Pretty much any music software will do that *if* you have a track with the beat isolated.

    If you don't have that track, you'd have to actually recreate an approximation of the beat, and that requires a level of expertise that will probably take you years to achieve.

    If you already have a recording of nothing but the beat, you can make this happen using the freeware software Audacity (for example).

    A lot of people come on Yahoo! Answers asking how they can remove musical parts from a song - how they can mute the vocals, or take out the guitar. The answer is: unless the musician has been kind enough to provide you with the raw tracks, that's basically like trying to get eggs out of a cake.

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