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my computer doesn't work in normal mode?!? please help!!?

i have an acer with windows 7 and it doesn't respond in normal mode (im in safe mode with networking right now) i have tried running my security check and it doesn't do anything and once im in normal mode it will freeze and nothing will respond after 2 minutes i have also restored my computer 3 different times all to earlier dates, i don't remember where i had put the CD/DVD that came with my computer to reinstall everything if i needed too so i'm looking for that but in the mean time what else can i do? can someone please help me? how can i fix this? is there spyware that i can download for free that works effectively?

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    (a) Find and Remove Spyware and Malware using Microsoft Security Essentials:

    1. Go to and download Microsoft Security Essentials:

    2. Run to clean computer and protect it. (This may require disabling or removing other protection programs.)

    (b) Clean the Registry :

    1. Go to by clicking the link and running 'try a free scan":

    2. This will download Registry Mechanic and repair some of your registry, but not all.

    This program is extremely good and worth having to make sure the registry is clean.

    There are other registry cleaners out there too if you prefer, but this is a start.

    (c) Defragment your Hard Disk:

    1. Click Start | All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Disk Defragmenter.

    2. Select the drives that you wish to defragment.

    3. Click “Defragment Disks” button to proceed.

    This is Recommended, but make sure that you do not have anything in the trash can that you want to save !!

    (d) Deleting Temporary Files:

    1. Click Start | All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Disk CleanUp.

    2. Select a drive and click OK.

    (e) Reboot and Rerun all progams (a,b,c,d) again until they complete error free or have reached optimized levels.

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