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is there a male and female west point cadet uniform or do everyone wear the same uniform?

i was skipping through some pics and came across some u.s.a. west point cadets pics and i was wondering if everyone ha the same uniform or if there is a female and a male uniform. i was also wondering the same about the old bdu uniforms, if there was a female uniform an a male uniform or if everyone used the same bdu uniforms.


are thee buttons on the opposite side too?

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    West Point uniforms are the same for both sexes, with the exception that the shirts button up female style, and there are some sizing differences to take into account the female form.

    One of the arguments about doing away with the US Army female service hat is that West Point females wear the same service hat as the males - why does the rest of the Army have to have two versions?

    BDUs, and now the ACUs, are the same for everyone. The only difference is that there is a maternity version of the BDU and ACU.

    Source(s): 23 years Regular Army; 4 years USAR / NG
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    Its the same, gray uniform. well, its shaped different, like, the female version is slightly different, but thats with all service uniforms.

    Source(s): AJROTC, we have west point cadets come in all the time.
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