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WDYT of the girls name -Ada Millicent? PLUS BQ!!?

I am thinking of using it for one of my characters in my new novel.

I have an idea of what she'll be like, and so I want a classy,elegant and sophisticated name to go with her. And this one just popped into my head.

Thank you for answering.

BQ : What would be your choice of a classy,elegant and sophisticated girls name with those initials(A.M) ?

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    I like it. but i love old classic names. i like Ada a lot. Millicent is okay, i prefer something less "Disney Movie Villian" sounding though (i.e. too close to Maleficent)


    Amelia Madeleine

    Audrey Matilda

    Adrienne Maris

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    summer season- i like this call and lovable little woman with braces on her tooth. Violet - quite call and that i photo a girly variety of woman that likes makeup and is a dreamer. Cecelia- no longer something i'd %.. i am going to work out a woman that has curly hair and is ordinary searching. faith - perchance a overweight woman and never a sought after for me. Cassia or Kassia - no longer certain the thanks to pronounce this one so no longer a fan. Emmeline or Emilia *Emiy for short* i like it and for short i'd pass Emmie or Emi for spelling. A sweet little woman that is resourceful. Melody- that is okay and that i photo a woman with hairy wild hair and freckles. Lucy- love this call a lot! one among my favorites. Lucy is an wise woman yet nonetheless knows the thanks to get your interest such as her splendor (interior and out)! Olivia *Livvy or Liv* - over used call that i do not look after. Olivia is a difficulty maker. BQ: Which one is your fave? Lucy BQ2: Which one do you want more suitable? Emmeline or Emlilia?* Emmeline BQ3: Which call do you imagine might want to in wonderful condition a black haired, blue eyed, shy woman? Violet Thx :)

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    It is really nice actually. Ada is a very pretty old fashioned name and Millicent is very elegant.

    BQ Hmm... probably Adele Madeleine.

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