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How do I limit a user accounts access?

I was wondering if there was a way I could limit what a user account has access too. I was hoping to make a user account for my little brother and I was wondering if I could block access to certain folders, control panel areas etc...

I have windows 7 home premium and so I don't have gpedit unless anyone knows how I can manually install it properly

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    Have him log on under the Guest account. A guest account is an account for users who don't have a permanent account on your computer or domain. It allows people to use your computer without having access to your personal files. People using the guest account can't install software or hardware, change settings, or create a password.

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    Go to settings for the user account and change it to limited.

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    you ought to dam the information straight away on the document equipment making use of protection. one way is to disclaim get admission to to a particular team of consumers to binary information (be carefull to what you do, do no longer deny your self get admission to!). yet otherwise is to establish close by rules. rules are protection measures that administration what purposes could be utilized besides as their behaviours. you will discover rules under the administration panel -> Administrative kit -> close by rules. The 0.33 way is to place in kit that decrease get admission to. i recognize McAfee SMB lets you dam get admission to to executables. this could be an undemanding thank you to chop back get admission to to particular information. stable luck!

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