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Do you agree with Sam Smith's top 25 players in each position...?

Do you agree with Sam Smith's top 25 players in each position?

What would you change in each position?

(I was only able to put up the top 15)

Point Guards

1. Derrick Rose

2. Chris Paul

3. Deron Williams

4. Russell Westbrook

5. Tony Parker

6. Rajon Rondo

7. Steve Nash

8. Andre Miller

9. Tyreke Evans

10. Jason Kidd

11. Ray Felton

12. Mike Conley

13. Kyle Lowry

14. Stephen Curry

15. Devin Harris

Shooting Guards

1. Kobe Bryant

2. Dwyane Wade

3. Manu Ginobili

4. Joe Johnson

5. Ray Allen

6. Monta Ellis

7. Kevin Martin

8. Jason Terry

9. Eric Gordon

10.Stephen Jackson

11. James Harden

12. DeMar DeRozan

13. Jason Richardson

14. Wesley Matthews

15. Ben Gordon

Small Forward:

1. LeBron James

2. Kevin Durant

3. Carmelo Anthony

4. Paul Pierce

5. Rudy Gay

6. Danny Granger

7. Luol Deng

8. Andre Iguodala

9. Gerald Wallace

10. Danilo Gallinari

11. Tayshaun Prince

12. Thaddeus Young

13. Josh Smith

14. Caron Butler

15. Wilson Chandler

Power Forward:

1. Dirk Nowitzki

2. Blake Griffin

3. Amar'e Stoudemire

4. Pau Gasol

5. LaMarcus Aldridge

6. Zach Randolph

7. Chris Bosh

8. Tim Duncan

9. Luis Scola

10.Kevin Love

11. Kevin Garnett

12. Lamar Odom

13. Carlos Boozer

14. Elton Brand

15. David Lee


1. Dwight Howard

2. Nene

3. Al Horford

4. Joakim Noah

5. Andrew Bogut

6. Marc Gasol

7. Al Jefferson

8. Brook Lopez

9. Tyson Chandler

10. Marcin Gortat

11. Andrew Bynum

12. Greg Monroe

13. Marcus Camby

14. Anderson Varejao

15. Emeka Okafor



One of the things that I disagree with is that Tyson Chandler is too low.

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    Stephen Curry Should Be Higher, Curry > Tryeke


    I'm Pretty Sure DeMar Is Higher Than James Harden


    Josh Smith Should Be Higher

    Danilo Should Be Lower


    Bosh Over Tim Duncan??!

    Elton Brand Shouldnt Be There

    Garnett Should Be Above Scola


    Seems About right,But Greg Monroe Is A PF,Varejao Is A PF, And Al Jefferson Shouldn't Be A Top 10

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    PG - Rajon Rondo is too low, no Chauncey Billups

    SG and SF are alright.

    PF - Blake Griffin at #2? He's not even top 10. Kevin Garnett is too low.

    C - This list is just completely f'ed.. Nene #2? He's probably 8th on my list. Andrew Bynum at #11? Has he watched the NBA the last 3 years? Is there anyone with legit basketball knowledge who thinks Marcin Gortat is better than Andrew Bynum? I watched dozens of Suns games this year, and there is no way. No Chris Kamen, no Roy Hibbert, but Greg Monroe makes the list?

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    Fullback a million. Billy Slater 2. Jarryd Hayne 3. Matty Bowen Winger a million. Izzy Folau 2. Manu Vatuvei 3. Taniela Tuiaki Centre a million. Justin Hodges 2. Josh Morris 3. Greg Inglis 5/8 a million. Darren Lockyer 2. Benji Marshall 3. Dan Mortimer Halfback a million. Johnathan Thurston 2. Cooper Cronk 3. Brett Kimmorley Prop a million. Petero Civoniceva 2. Fui Fui Moi Moi 3. Dave Taylor Hooker a million. Robbie Farah 2. Cam Smith 3. Mick Ennis 2d Rower a million. Anthony Watmough 2. Nathan Hindmarsh 3. Sammy Thaiday Lock a million. Corey Parker 2. Dallas Johnson 3. Greg Eastwood they are not so as (a million,2,3) by technique of ways. good question in spite of the indisputable fact that.

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    i disagree with everything besides the best small forward,center, and power forward. Chris Paul is a better all around PG than Derrick Rose. Wade is better than Kobe now. And can someone please tell me how Blake Griffin is better than Amar'e or Pau or LaMarcus Aldridge. all Griffin does is dunks

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    You can argue that Wade is better than Kobe and that Marc Gasol is better than Nene, but, for the most part, it's accurate.

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    PG:Chris Paul should be #1


    SF:Josh Smith should be ranked higher

    PF:Blake Griffin is WAAAY overrated

    C:Nene at #2 is questionable. Bynum should be higher. Bogut>Noah

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    No, not all of it.

    Deron Williams should be ranked #1 among PG's.

    Dwyane Wade should be ranked #1 among SG's.

    Woah. Amare should be ranked over Blake and KG shoud be in Top 5. Love and Scola are not better than KG.

    He got the C's right.

  • I like his list. Hes got the Bulls players high lol which they shouldnt be and im a huge Bulls fan

  • J
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    kevin love and kg are WAYYY too low. other than that, i agree

  • Anonymous
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    KG and Rondo should be higher.

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