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Right before the beginning of my eighth grade year, there was a pool party. I went to the pool party, caught up with my friends, and met the two new boys, Richard and Michael. When I was floating on a raft with my friend the boys asked me if I thought Michael was hot. I said no even though he was. Later on, I was going to the bathroom with my friends and right before we went downstairs to the bathroom he said hey. But all cool like and almost flirty. I said hey back uninterestedly but I was just scared cuz I had butterflies. At school, I would hang out with my friend, Karen, and on several occasions she said he stared at her and I told her that it was normal for new kids. But I secretly thought that he was actually looking at me cuz he previously showed interest in me. In our advisory period, he came up to me and said “Youre good in Spanish right?” I said “well yeah but Lily is better than me” he smiled and chuckled and walked away. I stomach was overflowed with butterflies. What I couldn’t understand was that he took latin. Later in the year he started dating Regina. No one thought he was the right guy for her. They been on and off and she talks more to me since they started dating. We were talking in a group about Michael and how he views us and she said he thought I was funny when I never made a joke in front of him. I didn’t have a single class with him. The only time I saw him was homeroom and lunch. My question is should I flirt with him or lose my feelings for him?

Or any other suggestions???


@bashandpop but hes in a relationship r u sure??

Update 2:

@Katie Jo this rlly helped

Update 3:

another question was he really into me??

and is he with Regina to make me jealous??

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  • 9 years ago
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    Well, don't loose hope.

    These relationships don't last forever

    Keep flirting but don't look desperate and defiantly don't tell the girl he is dating or anyone else for that matter that you like him.

    My advice is still like him, but don't majorly flirt with him until he is out of the relationship.

    Hope this helps

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  • 9 years ago

    Forget the flirting, just ask him out. You're the one with the power, not him.

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