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Help! Urgent! Dogs in heat!?

Whenever my female dogs go in heat, my male dogs start fighting each other and refuse to eat. I end up throwing away their uneaten food and they end up horribly thin and covered with wounds. It's becoming very distressing. How do I put a stop to all this? Do I have the females spayed or do I have the males castrated? I'm just so fed up with their bloody raging hormones!!!


I'm trying to avoid unnecessary operations. Subjecting a dog to a surgical procedure that he/she doesn't need is not fair. I'm leaning towards spaying just the females (there are three, as opposed to two males)...

My vet, strangely enough, refuses to do either procedure cos he doesn't believe in altering what is normal behavior for the animal. But they are getting plain unmanageable. My previous bunch of dogs (also mixed males and females) were never like this. There's just one terribly aggressive male, but I'm afraid castrating just him won't solve the problem.

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    If I was opting to do surgery on only one sex or the other.. I'd be more inclined to spay the females. Intact females are at higher risk of health issues, such as pyometria.

    If you have one male that is particularly aggressive, then I would consider neutering him as well. Neutering may help curb some of the aggression, he will be less hormonal driven.

  • M
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    9 years ago

    Spaying the females is your only option to stop it.

    If your vet actually refuses to spay/neuter get a different vet. There are so many deadly health problems associated with intact females a vet that refuses to do it isn't worth anything.

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    I'd have the female spayed first off.

    Ideally the males would get neutered as well, but getting the female spayed would be the first on the list for me.

  • Ama
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    9 years ago

    The best way to stop it is to Have the females spayed and the males neutered.

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  • ?
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    9 years ago

    have your males neutered AND you females spayed. this will help with aggression issues between all the dogs. it is their nature to fight over females.

    and quite honestly, its ridiculous for a vet to refuse to spay or neuter. i would find a new vet ASAP

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    Get them spayed and nuderd (cant spell it sorry). And let the female dog out at different times then the male dogs, heck even let the male dogs out one at a time at specific times of the day. thats all i can really say, sorry if im not that big of a help.

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    Spay the female first and that will prevent most of your troubles. Then if you still have a male that is causing issues you can try neutering him

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Honestly, you need to spay and neuter all of the animals. It will help them live longer and happier lives and if you want them to be around for along time it's the best for their health and your sanity.

    Source(s): I own 4 dogs, 2 cats and have fostered over 10 dogs
  • Ocimom
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    9 years ago

    You need to spay and neuter EVERY one of your dogs. Its cruelty in what you are doing now.

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    Probably best to get them both fixed tbh. If you aren't planning to breed them, there's no point in causing this unecessary hassle. It's unfair on the dogs and you x

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