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Do you think CC Sabathia is overrated?



He has a 1.21 WHIP, and hitters are batting .251 against him. I wouldn't consider him to be "unhittable".

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    No. He's one of the top pitchers in baseball and has been for years. He's always a threat to win 20 games and he is a horse who can carry a staff. You put way too much into the WHIP category. CC does give up his share of hits (so does Roy Halladay, who has had several years where he has allowed almost as many hits as innings). Left-handers generally give up more hits anyway because the larger number of right-handed hitters.Here are some other things you need to look at before calling CC overrated.

    1. He's allowed FIVE home runs this season in in 129 2/3 innings.

    2. His strikeout to walk ratio is better than 3:1 (106 to 32)

    3. He's second in the A.L. in innings pitched

    4. And any baseball fan knows that that CC is just hitting his stride. His stats are pretty ordinary for the first couple of months of the season, then he gets hot and his strikeouts increase, hits per nine innings decrease and WHIP decrease. This season is nothing out of the ordinary for him and Sabathia will end up with his usual numbers.

    It's funny to hear you call a guy overrated after he just overmatched the Brewers, a very good offensive team, striking out 13 guys along the way.

    So, It appears that everyone who disagrees with you gets a thumbs down? That's nice.

    Gotta love those thumbs down from the Yankee-haters! Yeah, CC is overrated and wins so many games because he's on the Yankees, even though he won a Cy Young Award with Cleveland in '07. ERA is not everything. CC is a guy who challenges hitters, and when he has a big lead, goes right after them instead of nibbling. It costs him a few runs, but he can shut any team down at any given time.

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    Last three seasons era:




    and he is often called things like "elite" and "unhittable".

    Thats laughable. Waaaaaay overrrated.

    @Donlin he only gets that many wins because he is on the yankees and gets a lot of run support. On any other team he is a 16-17 win guy, and Ks are an overrated stat. You are no better off getting Ks than groundouts of flyouts. They all result in the same exact thing. Where as era tells you exactly how good a pitcher is. There is no saying the era is bad but he has other good stats. No, the era is make or break important.

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    No, he isn't overrated. Now if he was getting as many wins as he does now, but barely lasted the minimum 5 innings required for the W, I might be inclined to say yes. He averages over 7 innings a start and has only allowed 5 home runs all year. Sabathia is a work horse who always dominates when the Yankees need him to.

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    Sabathia holds a lifetime postseason record of 5 wins and 4 losses in 10 games. He has pitched a total of 61.1 postseason innings, giving up 61 hits, 25 walks and 30 earned runs resulting in a 4.40 ERA. He also struck out 56 batters. In the 2007 ALCS he beaned 3 batters. That's not an overrated, just a real rate.

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    Sorry Scooter yet pitch count variety is important. seem on the White Sox pitchers in 2005. Ozzie Guillen pitched the heck out of the rotation and then the subsequent 3 hundred and sixty 5 days they have been all rubbish. somebody pronounced Roy Halladay, nicely ol' Roy is a sturdy skills, yet he has used various that skills on the DL. CC, appeared terrible interior the playoffs. Why? not uncomplicated to tell yet i might might desire to declare that his previous disasters interior the playoffs could be by way of over-working him interior the season. And in case you choose a cutting-edge occasion. Cole Hamels, yeah they guy is harm, his fastball isn't the comparable and it got here approximately a three hundred and sixty 5 days after he threw various innings. i don't think of that's a twist of fate. So thumbs all the way down to you for questioning pitch count variety is undesirable. i assume by way of fact pitch count variety does not count number we would desire to continuously have 8 3 hundred and sixty 5 days outdated little ones throw finished video games.

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    10 years ago

    Fatassia is a typical New York player: Overpaid, overrated, overhyped. He's like a fat, Latino Derke Jeter. The guy has a great career winning percentage because he's bounced, literally, from one contender to the next.

    People make a big deal about the Cy Young Award he won in 2007 but if you look at his numbers from that year he wasn't that special -- 19-7 with a 3.21 ERA. Batters hit .259 against him that year. The three subsequent winners all had an ERA of at least a half run lower than the fat boy's yet only Cliff Lee (another overrated wastoid) comes close to getting the hype the Yankee ace-hole receives.

    Fatty is the LeBron James of MLB...without the talent.

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    Who said he's unhittable..he pounds the strike zone, it's natural he will give up hits, even runs, but despite that he stays in the game as long as possible.

    When did he ever miss a start? The guy is a total warrior..and as for being fat...yeah maybe, but the guy is 6"7'...he is entitled to carry some extra bulk. I wouldn't care to meet up with him in a dark alley. The guy is a great athlete..he has even been know to swing the bat well on a rare appearance at the plate.

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    Overrated: No.

    Overpaid: Yes.

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    He's not overrated. He's a great pitcher, who is consistent every year. His ERA may be a MEH but he strikes out a lot of hitters and he also wins a lot of games. He might get to Cooperstown someday with the way he's going.

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    Have you watched him pitch? How much do you know about baseball? The dude is LEGIT. One of the most unhittable pitchers in the game, even though I hate the yankees I have to admit that.

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