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Paypal dispute won but no refund yet, HELP WITH BANK?

Paypal dispute won but no refund yet, HELP WITH BANK?

i just lost 3000 in paypal, seller doesnt reply and i disputed and won. but it seems the guy got all cash out and there are no money to refund, now what? i payed 2000 with echeque and rest 1000 with gift cards(because the seller wanted a instant transfer and i didnt have any credit cards)

i dont know what to do and i am made pissed so please dont give me a lecture

its been less than a month since i send the echeque and i really want to do a chargeback from my bank(either unauthorized charge or fraudlent activity). here are my questions:

what kind of charge back can i do with my bank(i have BMO)?

if i try doing a charge back would i get the cash immediately?

would paypal limit my account because my rest of the 1000 should come back?

is there anyother way to get the cash, i am young and i know this was a really stupid move?

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    First off, you would NOT get the cash immediately, as transactions have to be processed and authenticated. It makes problems that you used gift cards, as they therefore have no tags to banks, and rather simply store value. In my triumphs in Paypal disputes, the money should have came to you granted you paid it off to another Paypal user, it seems strange it wasn't immediately drawn back to your Paypal account. However with such a large amount of money, it might be best to talk to a member of staff personally, as this is a personal matter. You are young, and we all make mistakes. However if it says on your Paypal that you won the dispute, it shouldn't matter if the money was withdrawn by the seller or anything, you should have the obligation to have your money returned if they have specifically stated that you've won the dispute.

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