What is the best or worst geology job(s)?

I'm doing a project on geology and I want to includ something about the best or worst geology job. Can you help me?

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    The answer to this is really subjective. I would hate to be a professor, especially at a small school, and would strongly prefer being a volcanologist over being a professor at a small school, although most volcanologists are professors, and some are professors at small schools. I do agree that being a mud logger can be one of the toughest and most under-appreciated geology jobs. Several of my friends who became professors keep finding themselves without a job and the volcanologists I know think they have the best job in the world.


    My top job would be as an explorationist in an international oil company that actually valued field work. That's a rare job as most companies do not do field work anymore. For a while I got to do this type of work and worked in southern Europe, and north Africa. It was truly an adventure. The pay is among the highest in the field, with all sorts of benefits, and the amount of science that is done is often quite high due to the generous funding that is available from major oil companies. Most academic researchers (professors) only dream of having such access as most of this type of work is done will strict confidentiality and the data is never published. The satisfaction of knowing that one's work has created billions of dollars of wealth from nothing, changing the fate of many people's lives, is also quite high.


    My worst would be an environmental geologist who supervises gas station tank removals and inspections. Even working a Superfund site as an environmental geologist and testing monitor wells, and then writing those 10,000 page reports that describe the same data over and over, with the final report being something that no one person will ever read- that's truly hell. Even the lawyers who these reports are prepared for don't really read them. You can find these reports occupying full shelves at the public library and just looking at them it's obvious they have never been off the shelf. To add to that frustration the pay is often low, and the job is dependent on government funding so it is never secure. Add to that the frustration that the cleanup is often a charade designed by lawyers, and the job becomes truly futile.


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    Don't know about the best job, but the worst job would have to be mud logger on a drilling rig.

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    Best: probably professor at a small school

    worst: vulcanologist, it's very dangerous

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