Do you ever feel annoyed when someone asks for opinions on their appearance?

It seems like most of the questions in the beauty & style category are people asking random strangers to look at pictures or descriptions of themselves and tell them that they're attractive or not. I'm wondering if it's irritating to anyone else, because I get so annoyed seeing how much people ask those questions.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    Use to get annoyed but now just ignore. What gets me is if you give an honest opinion that they don't like they report you.

  • .
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    10 years ago

    What annoys me about these posts is the number of people who post clearly horrid pictures of themselves and then do not understand why no one is calling them pretty. If you need an ego stroking, at least post a good pic of yourself.

    I am jealous of how little responsibilities they have that they can spend that much time pondering how pretty they are.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I dont mind too much because when I'm bored I like seeing pics of random pretty people. I know it just an attention thing but I dont really care unless they ask over and over.

    What really annoys me are the "am I pregnant" questions or "does he like me" questions. Because they are always stupid.

    "We have been dating for 4 years and he recently proposed? What does this mean? do you think he likes me?"

    "I have gas, a sore finger, a craving to watch reality tv and when i bend down I soil my underwear.. Am I pregnant?"

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