Why cant I get hired?

I have submitted my resume to numerous of places and not once got an interview and I dont know why!

I have tons of work experience:

1) Volunteer at hospital (2 years) (Once a week only in the summer for 4 hours)

2) Volunteer swim coach (2 months) (Once a week for 2 hours)

3) Volunteer reading buddies coordinator/tutor (2 years) ( Once a week for 1 hour)

4) Cashier at tim hortons (1 year) (Quit this job a couple of months ago)

5) Work in child care baysitting around 2 families (3 years) (Occasionally maybe 1-2 a month)

6) Cater at Pasquales (1 year) (Occasionally I have waitressed there 5-6 times)

How can I increase my chance of getting a job?

Ohh and Im 16 years old :)

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  • 9 years ago
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    First of all, it's July- the middle of the summer. I'm sure they've had plenty of applications come in for summer jobs already! More than likely, they don't need anyone extra right now.

    And secondly, you have to follow up!

    Call a week or two later, ask to speak to the manager, and say something like, "Hi, my name is.... I turned in an application a bit ago, and I wanted to follow up on it."

    And for future reference, don't turn in your app to an employee!

    Always ask for the manager, give it to them, and introduce yourself.

    You want a good, quick, first impression.

    They want to see a friendly face, not just a piece of paper to hire you by.

    For that same reason, you can try, but generally don't apply to places that just have online apps, especially at your age.

    Source(s): I've used these tips, and they always work fantastic for me, each and every time! Good luck!
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