essay on why i would go to canada?

why i would go to canada

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    Depending on where in Canada you are going. I've only been to Ontario and Quebec but I can tell you about some things. In Canada, you get to drink at age 18 or 19, depending on the province, compared with 21 in the United States.

    Even if you don't like drinking, Canada is a great vacation place. Quebec is very much like Europe, especially in Quebec City and Mont Tremblant, and it is a French speaking province. Plus, there's great ski resorts like Mont Tremblant and Mont-Sainte-Anne (approx. 30 minute drive east of Quebec City on Route 138)

    Going further east, from what I hear, you can go see Nova Scotia and get some nice views of Atlantic Canada.

    Canadian Rockies are very beautiful, I would really like to see them someday. Check out the national park called Banff.

    Going even further west check out Whistler resort, about 2-3 hour drive north of Vancouver. In the winter, it's a great ski resort (but huge) and even if you go during the summer it's still beautiful.

    To people who likes to go on scenic drives, maybe take a drive on the Alaska Highway, which is actually in Canada for the most part. It starts out in Dawson Creek, British Columbia and ends in Fairbanks, Alaska.

    If you like visiting cities, you can check out Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. Toronto is famous for the CN tower which has a glass floor that gives you similar feeling to the roller coaster.

    I hope this is helpful and good luck with your essay.

    Source(s): knowledge about Canada. also have been to Ontario and Quebec
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    There are many great reasons to go to Canada!

    If you're into bustling cities, Montreal has an arts and culture scene (especially if you're into music) unrivaled by any except maybe Vancouver, and the cultural diversity of Toronto always keeps things interesting.

    Some smaller cities such as Ottawa (our capital) and Quebec City have a rich history, and are very tourist-friendly. They have an Old World quality to them, particularly Quebec City's inner walls with their cobbled streets and beautiful older buildings.

    Atlantic Canada (the Maritimes) has often been compared to Ireland, and the hospitality you will find there has its own unique charm. These provinces are beautiful and laid-back, so go there if you're looking for relaxation.

    If you're looking for wildlife, the Rockies are packed full of elk, mountain goats, bears, etc. Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper all feature incredibly beautiful lakes mountains, and are considered fairly high-end resort towns. If you continue west into British Columbia, you'll find a real gem in the city of Victoria on Vancouver Island.

    And finally the Prairies. Calgary is well-suited to those who are interested in Western life: if you go in the summer, the Calgary Stampede attracts a ton of visitors. The southern prairies are mostly farms and grassland (with some dunes thrown in), but if you go up north you'll find some beautiful national parks (Waskesiu in northern Saskatchewan is a great example). There is one small cultural center in Saskatchewan, which is Saskatoon, "the Paris of the Prairies." A very unique arts and music scene has developed, and I've also heard from Californian visitors that there is a very high per-capita concentration of pretty girls there.

    I hope that helps!

    Source(s): I've lived all over the world, and I keep coming back to Canada
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    We have a Queen in Canada eh? Make sure to include that!

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    You love being bored.

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