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I could use some career/education help?

I'm going into my third year of university and I need to pick a major and minor and stick with it. I absolutely need to pick a career path and a degree to go with it before next semester starts. Otherwise I am just wasting money.

I find things about the Earth very interesting like volcanoes, global warming, glaciers, space and all that earth science stuff but I really don't know what kind of careers can go with that.. A weather man is not an option at the moment.

The other thing that I think I would like would be business. Stuff in the financial or marketing range. Although I am not too sure about what is required in marketing as much but it still catches my attention. (Is there a lot of presentations in marketing?) I failed my first Accounting course and passed Intro Business easily. (I'm going to start getting better grades this semester).

Also, I don't know if there is much money in the Earth Sciences but I hear there is in business. What do you guys think? I don't want to pick a career path that doesn't make much money, but I also need to pick something I enjoy.

*Anything to do with Engineering or Computer Science is off limits. I suck in that area. Lol.

Thanks to whoever answers.

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    "volcanoes, global warming, glaciers, space and all that earth science stuff " you mean Geology? Not a bad line of work. Most work for petroleum companies looking for more oil I hear, and they get paid pretty well for their efforts. Many work doing environmental impact studies - those aren't cheap either if you've ever asked a real estate developer. Most good jobs in the field will require a master's or better though. A bachelor's will get you "helper" jobs.

    Business is a pretty good field. It just so happens that every business in the world is in business. Finance is some serious hard stuff and they collect serious good pay. Marketing does indeed require a lot of presentations. Accounting is not all that hard as business courses go and if you can't do it, you might not want to major in business; definitely not finance because finance is really "advanced accounting". Any general business major requires a few of those accounting courses.

    Sadly, your "off limits" choices there are exactly where the money is. Engineers and computer scientists are some of the best paid bachelor's degree holders. But, if you don't mind grad school ("I'm going to start getting good grades..." implies that grad school might not be in the stars for you) then the sciences aren't a bad line of work and geology is a pretty good one.

    One thing required in marketing is the ability to communicate very well both orally and in writing. If your English and composition grades aren't top-notch, marketing might not be your cup of tea either.

    "much money" - here's a list of the top 50 highest paying occupations for your perusal.

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    Your one maybe two years late. Most colleges have a career service office so start there. See if you can get a Strong Campbell Interest Inventory for free. Should you have good contacts with a school board than Earth Science can lead to good career in education. look at Occupational Outlook to see what jobs will have most opening, and see if you can piece together credits you have taken with something of interest that has bunch retiring or newly created position. Good Luck.

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    Perhaps something in Environmental Science. There seems to be an increase in demand for people in that field due to the attention being given to global warming.

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