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Does anyone know what 'airplane mode' is for iphones?

I heard this was good if ever in Mexico with an iphone,

way cheaper.

Anyone know about this?

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    You know when your on an airplane and you must turn your phones off? This is because a phone emits a signal that distracts and messes up the radio waves going from the plane to the towers. On airplane mode, the iPhone stops emiting these signals, so you are free to play your games on the iPhone and listen to music, anything without a signal. Anything that uses a signal is blocked from your use. Hence the term "airplane mode". Hope I helped!:)

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    Airplane mode disables the wireless features of iPhone to comply with airline regulations.

    While airplane mode is on, appears in the status bar at the top of the screen. No phone, radio, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth signals are emitted from iPhone and Global Positioning System (GPS) reception is turned off, disabling many of iPhone’s features

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    airplane mode on the iPhone (and any phone) shuts off all wireless signals from the phone (cellular, bluetooth, and wifi). It is good when you are traveling abroad because it wont incur any charges from roaming. It is also used in hospitals so that your wireless signals don't interrupt equipment. Also used on planes (hence "airplane mode") so that you may use your phone while in flight and the wireless wont interrupt the airplane.

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    it turns off some of the connnections that interfere with an airplane or something like that,

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    It turns your phone into an actual airplane, duh.

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