How would HRT affect me?

I'm 15, on Spironolactone and would ADORE to start HRT. The only problem is that I have 2 years remaining at my school and I want to keep the trans stuff a secret.

I basically have two questions:

How would Estrogen affect me if I were on an increasing dosage?


How would estrogen affect me if I stayed on the lowest dosage?

^ to be more specific on these Questions ; How much time would it take for my breasts to get easily noticed? + How long would it take foor changes to appear?

My mother has a D cup if that improves your answer

I know this is a YMMV issue but try your best to help me ,

Thank you.


@ Clones

My parents know

Spiro is taken under supervision

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  • 9 years ago
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    There is no way the other kids won't know something is up

    Hormones work great on teenagers. The younger you are, the better they work. And they work faster at a young age. Also a good rule of thumb is whatever your mom's breast size is, yours will be one smaller. So within a year, the kids at school will notice that you have boobs, among other changes as well: such as softer skin, less muscle tone, mood changes, no beard growth (actually spiro should stop that without the HRT)

    Your boobs should be noticeable in 6 to 12 months

    You should also speak to your endocrinologist about changes as well, and dosage as well.

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  • 9 years ago

    hormones change you. i was 21 and people noticed the improvement in my complexion within weeks, from pretty good to model-perfect porcelain. you can't hide it. why would you?

    the first change i saw in my breasts was large, feminine areolae. i also grew that little pot of fat across my lower belly, and a very girlish bum.

    at your age your outlook is excellent. do it now.

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  • 4 years ago

    Having been on HRT for the previous 5 years to boot as being very knowledgeable on the undertaking i'm able to inform you that there is not any way hormones can consequence your top, no longer something can replace your bone shape. returned, bone shape can't replace and for this reason your ft would desire to no longer have replaced. From own adventure I relatively have chanced on that the footwear themselves replace by way of the years through style traits and for this reason it would desire to look that your foot length has replaced. Weight can deff be laid low with HRT. particular, your physique chemistry does replace and for this reason you have a tendency to sniff distinctive to boot. i in my opinion no longer have physique scent. You do certainly replace into greater emotionally soft.

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