Symptoms after wisdom teeth exraction?

What are some immediate symptoms if one were to have an infection of a dry socket?

I had all four of my wisdom teeth extracted yesterday at 1pm.

Was numbed, teeth were taken out and was given gauze. I arrived home only to have my jaw still numb until around 4/5pm. I changed my gauze every 30 minutes as directed and have been taking my medications as prescribed. I was given T3's and Ibuprofen for pain and Amoxicillin incase of infection.

I have more-so or less stopped bleeding, but after my face numbed out, it did swell up and the pain increased. I am taking Ibuprofen to kill the pain, icing it down every chance I get and have been able to eat. The pain isn't as discomforting as before, so hopefully I am at a normal stage?

I'd just like to know beforehand some immediate symptoms to look out for incase of infection or dry socket.



infection OR dry socket **

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  • 9 years ago
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    Hi there! Good luck with your recovery process. I got all four of my wisdom teeth removed Thursday. The first day I was not in that much pain. However, Friday and Saturday brought a lot more pain and swelling. Today is the fourth day and I am feeling much better. Most people reach their "peak" of swelling and pain on the third day, then both gradually decrease. I have a check up appointment with my oral surgeon this week to see if I am healing properly. If you are experiencing pain after a week, then I would make an appointment to see your oral surgeon.

    Good luck! and feel better!!

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  • 4 years ago

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  • pain

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