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Is this a good Motorcycle to Buy? -please help-?

I am currently looking at a 1995 Honda CBR 600 F3. It is a deep red and black in color. It has low mileage and is at a great price, but I know barely anything about this bike. What can you tell me about it? Should I avoid it?

Here's a picture of one, but a different colored one:


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    I have been riding Honda motor bikes for years, CB 250, CBX 500, CBR 750 F2 (ex cop bike) and now a VFR 750, parts are fairly easy to get depending where you are, mechanically sound, good milage to the litre.

    Make sure before you buy the bike that you can get parts, check with your local Honda dealer, also ask them about the specs making it it what it says, go by the VIN.

    Try to find out what mechanical work has been done on the frame & motor, look for tell tail signs of cracks/fractures on the frame, look at the chain, sprockets, teeth etc, it should be clean and free from corrosion and the teeth should be even. Look at the battery leads no sign of corrosion is a good sign. Don't forget to check tires, brakes, forks & suspension etc. If it looks good take it for a test ride.

    Biggest tip is don't be afraid to ask questions, and if your uncertain have someone who knows a bit about motorcycles check it over. Nothing worse than finding you have bought a bike and find that its not what it seems.

    I recently did a friends bike up after he had a crash, he thought the bike was a later model, but when I started work on it I found that it was imported and was in fact a earlier model, luckily I was able to get parts sent from overseas, as I could not get them locally. The last link is a down loadable manual which has lot of the CBR 600 specs, which you might find invaluable.

    Happy riding

    Edit; Unomike is right listen to the sound of the bike, if it does not sound right don't buy.

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    Its a good bike. Its weakest link is the transmission and since it is a 16 year old bike, it has been undoubtedly subjected to abuse. Test ride the bike and if you hear any thrashing/grinding noise coming from the tranny or experience any difficulty in shifting, don't buy it even if the owner says all it needs is a new clutch cable. Make him prove it is the clutch cable by having him replace it and show you the receipt for the part and work done before parting with your hard-earned money.

    Source(s): 42 years of riding and restoring motorcycles.
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