She Obviously Doesn't Like Me? (10 points)?

Knew her for 11 months now. We went to the same college. We were friends. She has many guy friends. Back in May we were texting and I asked her how everything was. She told me the same but "SHE HAS A boyfriend LOL". This was the first time we spoke in 3 weeks. I then told her I had feelings for her for a while. She told me she's SURPRISED and had no idea. We talked a little until she told me she's going to bed. She text me good night and told me to sleep good. Before I told her how I felt and found out she got a boyfriend, she wanted to hang out. That weekend at the movies I saw her.She was there with some girlfriends. Her friends were looking at me and I was unsure if she was. After me and my friends bought our tickets I waved at her and she waved back

Sometimes at school I would notice her PRETEND TO not see me. A few weeks ago My mom had surgery and I posted it on facebook and she didn't ask about it. We didn’t speak for a MONTH. I found out her and her BOYFRIEND broke up. Last Tuesday was her birthday so I text her "Happy Birthday Enjoy Your Day" and she responded " Thank You I Appreciate It (K). I responded back "np". Wednesday On Facebook she wrote" I RATHER HURT YOU HONESTLY THEN MISELAD YOU WITH A LIE" "addictions kill" and " I wish..”. Yesterday she said on facebook “ Ill cure you without a drug ;)”. Today my best friend text me & told me he saw her at the mall with a guy. I guess she has a new boyfriend.

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    I'm guessing you haven't had a serious girlfriend. You are right, she doesn't like you as a boyfriend and you may have ruined your chances of being a real friend to her.

    She told you she has a boyfriend AND THEN you told her you like her?? You didn't think that would put her off that her "friend" has a thing for her, and then chooses to tell her when she's happily with another guy like you expect them to break up? Ever consider that would throw your whole "friendship" into question, because now everything is seen not because you're a nice guy, but because you were trying to get into her pants. You don't tell a girl you like her when she has a boyfriend, you tell her you like her when she's single. She purposefully avoided you because you creeped her out, because she felt you betrayed your friendship to her, which you did by not telling her that you had feelings for her, making her believe that the relationship between you was equal.

    For the love of all things good, including your sex life, have some more tact and consideration when telling a girl you like her. Don't tell her when she's drunk. Don't tell her when she's has a boyfriend, a crisis and she needs support, when she's asked for help or when you. And for the sake of everyone, please don't read too much into FB status updates or messages. If she wrote those things to you directly, you're pretty much screwed and move on already (which you should do anyway). If she just posted that on anyone but your page, it wasn't meant for you and maybe, just maybe, you can be her friend and ONLY her friend in the future.

    Best of luck, love sure is one unfair game we all have to play.

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    10 years ago

    Dont get too attached and move on

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