who can help me get a formal complaint letter for the institution?


I would like to know where i can get a formal complaint letter for the institution and the headquarters?

I am visiting my family at Kingston Institution and the guards who is there to sign you in was harassing me . Every time when you go in there they supposed to give you a new swab for the ion scan machine.The guard wouldn't want to give me a new swab kept on asking me why? why? why?! And she said that she can used that same swabbed up to ten times! Im there to see my family not to be harassed like that! I went to get her name from a supervisor but she wouldn't tell me,how can she not know? just 2 hrs before i get to see him that guard called in the supervisor to verified that i was booked for that Morning???? If they used the same swabbed that they used on other visitors i'd get a positive test for THC! WTH???? I drove 3 hrs there n 3 hrs back just to come and see him,i dont think i would need anymore stress from that guards.I find that all the guards there even the warden isn't very helpful at all.So i think i have to get a formal complaint letter that would solve my prombles with these lazy people always want to give most of he visitor problems that we do not need.Their ion scan machine goes off like a maniac....

Does anyone know where i can get this letter done?

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    9 years ago
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    The website for Correctional Service Canada is: http://www.csc-scc.gc.ca/text/index-eng.shtml

    Depending on your complaint, you can e-mail, phone or fax different offices. The info is on the website.

    You can also send a letter to your Member of Parliament or the Minister of Public Safety, The Honourable Vic Toews.

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