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Katy Perry Candy Dress Halloween Costume!!?

I absolutely love the dress that Katy Perry is wearing in her California Girls video. The candy one. What kind of materials should I get for the dress? I have the dress and the skirt but the candy and everything what should I get for that?

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    These websites have some good info!


    These are all made of felt! Maybe you can use that!:


    This is a replica:

    (scroll to about 1/3 or 1/4. I pulled out the main info you may need!)


    -Big Bonbons – Satin and foam.

    -Ice Cream- Foam, Eva foam, satin, scintillating ink, glue and glitter.

    -Cup Cake- Eva foam, satin and scintillating ink.

    -Cane Sugar -Fabric and ink.

    -White Part of Dress – Ink to do the candy sprinkles.

    -Hard-Candies - Eva foam and satin for the necklace and on the dress.

    -All other Candy – Cold porcelain for lollipop, gum, chocolate crack, jujube, confetti, brigadier, coconut, kisses, marshmallow, pudding, popsicle, a cherry.

    -Hot glue to paste the candy on the dress.

    -White sand to make sugar effect at some candies.

    -Four donuts that even smell like donuts!

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