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Is the last week of August, hurricane season in Florida?

I'm planning on going on a golf trip to either Florida or Myrtle Beach (SC) the last week of August and am wondering whether or not the weather will cooperate!


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  • Ray
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    9 years ago
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    Myrtle Beach would probably be better. I the late part of the hurricane season the storms "typically" form in the Gulf of Mexico. Even if they just spin around the gulf and head for Texas we'll get rain in Florida. Like I said, most storms will likely be Gulf storms, but weather is weather.

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    Yes. Officially, hurricane season is from June 1 through November 30. August and September tend to be the most active of those months.

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    No way to know...it is during hurricane season but that doesn't mean there will be any tropical weather. Some years there are several systems and others there are hardly any. Most tropical weather is totally cleared within 24-48 hours so even if weather had a bad point...if your trip was a week or so you would certainly have great weather days too.

  • 9 years ago

    Um yeah! Considering that hurricane season runs from June 1st through the end of November with the hieght of the season being mid august to mid september.

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  • 9 years ago

    This is the Orlando board, so I really can't advise for the rest of Florida, but I can say that Disney World opened here just about 40 years ago and the parks have been closed a total of five days (including closing for the 9/11 events).

  • litman
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    3 years ago

    in simple terms purchase shuttle coverage. If there's a hurricane, get your a reimbursement and reshedule for later. you may many times %. up coverage for like $50. it is sweet secure practices to your holiday investment.

  • Dash
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    9 years ago

    Yes, that is the middle of hurricane season.

    That does not mean there will be a hurricane, but there could be. It will also be very hot.

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