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What games can the Dell Inspiron Duo handle?

I have a duo and I want some games on it. I know you can play WoW on low settings. but can someone make me a list of games I can play? HELP

BTW I have steam.

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    TF2 , Portal, Half-life, audio surf, and CS:S.... not black ops or mw2

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  • 4 years ago

    in case you look on the spec's it does have an atom cpu yet its a twin center atom. The hangup typically is the video card and reminiscence. It has an integrated intel chipset video card which does no longer be in a position to push what ya want for the game. Like ryan reported the alienware mini is powerful. i finished up getting an asus ROG pc became about 1k besides the indisputable fact that it has an intel I7 quad, 4gb of ram (component genuinely has 4 reminiscence slots), and a geforce gts 360m with 1gb of ram dedicated to the video card. i have ran Wow on it with out topics, jointly with ICC 25man. wish this facilitates.

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  • 9 years ago

    You can check which game you can play. Just go to this website.

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