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Could I use Lily/James' names in a magic genre book without seeming like I stole them from Harry Potter?

Hey! I feel like an idiot asking this question but I'm writing a story with the two protagonists' names being James and Lili (nickname for Lilibeth) and I wanted to know if it would seem like I stole the names straight from Harry Potter. First off, the story isn't about a wizarding school - it's about a group of kids who find out they have magical powers. Not all of these powers are wizarding powers, in fact, only the protagonist, James has wizarding powers. The rest are powers like telekinesis, and mind reading. Secondly, I knew I was going to use Lilibeth for the girl protagonist, so I desperately searched baby name sites to find names for the boy. The only one I truly liked was James.

So, could I use the names??

If not, are there any other boy names that I could use? (nothing like Skyler or Raegan, more like Charlie and Simon)



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    nah, i don't think it would seem like you stole anything as long as there aren't many other similarities. it should be fine but if you would like other names

    boy > dylan, chris, allen, adrian, ben, andrew, justin (or just make james a nickname like jamie or something)

    and if you want the girl to seem less harry potter you can use the BETH part of her name

    hope this helped some, good luck with your story sounds good!

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    10 years ago

    Considering the fact that your story is absolutely nothing like Harry Potter, I would say that it's okay to use a pair of common everyday names. I would make sure that the characters are nothing like the Potters and maybe you shouldn't cut Lilibeth short, just so Harry Potter fans won't constantly think of them. If you want a different boy's name try Jack, Jake, Jim, or John.

    I totally have to see the LAST Harry Potter!

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    If it's a magical book and your characters are named James and Lili, some people will think it's a reference to Harry Potter.

    References ARE ALLOWED. There's nothing wrong with it. People name characters after characters all the time.

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    Sure. They're common names. Harry Potter did not create the name, and it's public domain anyway. She didn't put a patent on any names.

    (I for one don't even like HP, so I didn't even know those names were in the book.)

    Though many people have read the books, perhaps changing the name James to Jim (root name for Jim is James), Tom, Louis

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  • Javik
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    No, you cannot use two common, every-day names because of all of the works these two names would both appear in, Harry Potter is among them.

    *facepalm* Of course it's fine.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Just change James to something else. Charlie or Simon would be fine.

    You wouldn't like all the names in a random group of people you met - why would you like all the names you use in your book?

  • Olly
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    10 years ago

    Of course you can, you can call your characters anything you like.

    However if you even get anywhere near being published, I would expect a publisher to make you change the names.

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    Afraid not. You can use either Lili or James, but not both of them. So many people have read Harry Potter that the name combination would instantly make them think of Harry's parents.

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    I would change the name(s) just to be sure.. hey, Jim is short for James. :)

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    thats fine i mean its not stealing if you use a name that someone else also used them

    there common names

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