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What does John 4:24,25 tell you?

If you could look this up, you can get it online,

and see what it tells you?

It certainly talks about Jesus, and it also tells you

something about the Samaritan woman.

What do you learn here?


1. We see that the scripture says that Jesus HAD to go through Samaria,

and we then ask ourselves why because Jews never did that

2. Then we read further along in John and see what happened as a result

of this Samarian woman's experience. We get the first ideas of this

in John 4:24-25.

3. What does it say that Jews did not talk to Samaritans, yet Jesus

did this? The tells you about that.

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    It tells me that God is a Spirit, and those tha worship God must do so in spirit and in truth.

    But if one does not know they are spirit only living in a flesh body, how can they understand the truth?

    The Samaritan woman, believed in God and that Jesus was sent by God and that Jesus would tell her "all things"

    One of the first things Jesus told this woman was that in this mountain and in Jerusalem "you worship you know not what" and that "salvation (saving) was for the Jews. John 4:21-23.

    In John 4:20 the woman states "Our Fathers: meaning that she was a descendant of Jacob as she stated in John 4:12. Being that this woman had been married 5 times and the man she was with now was not her husband, Jesus did not condemn this woman to the contrary Jesus applauded this woman for her truthfulness.

    What was it that they did not know was in that mountain and in Jerusalem that they the Jews worshiped and the Samaritans did not, it was the laws of adultery and fornication as given by Moses

    Jesus told them, "Moses lifted up (worshiped) the SERPENT (The devil) in that mountain and the Jews worshiped the devil in the Temple in Jerusalem. The Jews sit in Moses' seat, the seat of Satan.

    Jesus told the world what the Darkness was in John 3:19-21 and Moses told you that the God he (Moses) worshiped lived in "Thick Darkness" in Exodus 20:21.


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    i learn in order to understand scripture properly that i must keep text "in context" how about starting at verse 1 and start there. This was A Chance for Jesus to witness. He used the same kind of talk only in a different way in John 6 where Jesus was talking about we must drink the blood and eat the flesh of Jesus that is His Words must become more then just words they "must" become A part of our life. if not as He said we have no life in us at all. The devil knows what God said, in fact James 2:19 the devil has faith also go look, but not saving faith, what is saving faith, "IF" You Love me [then] keep my commandments John 14:15 we must Love The Lord enough to "DO" What He said or like the woman at the well and the Jewish people at Jesus time it means Nothing. Find out more free bible lessons on line bible

    Source(s): The Holy Bible
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    God is spirit and whoever worships him must worship him IN SPIRIT and truth. I believe Jesus meant we can not try to figure God out with our mind, only our spirit can understand him and want to worship him. The Samaritan woman was expecting the Messiah to come and make it clear how we should worship God. Verse 26 Jesus says, " I, who is speaking to you am He." That tells me he was saying Since I am the Messiah you can believe what I tell you. She chose to believe and all her sordid past was wiped out as if it had never been there. Jesus still offers that today. 1 Corinthians 14:38 says, "If any are ignorant, let him be ignorant." I believe we must make a choice whether we want to be ignorant about the truths of God or not, and if we choose to be ignorant we will remain ignorant.

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    I tried to dial that number and got a busy signal. So, what it told me was that the line was busy and that I should try later.

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    I learned that people have a looooooot of spare time on their hands. Either that, or they love wasting time reading bullsh*t

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    God is not a trinity and we must worship according to accurate knowledge

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    Honestly, I don't think this passage teaches anything notable...

    What exactly are you thinking?

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    Bronze age superstition has no meaning for me.

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