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97 Cadillac STS with north star engine, coolant spits out of the little hole by the cap on the reservoir tank?

anyone know would be causing it and or what i need to do to fix the problem ? i just bought the car and it seems to run great just notice it after i park and there is a small pool of fluid under the car, but after tracing it. It is definitely coming from that small hole by the pressure cap


doesn't seem to over heat or anything, but i have not drivin it very far yet either. I looked in the tank when it was cool and yes the fluid looks full to where it should be.

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    Is the reservoir over filled?

    Is the car overheating?

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  • 3 years ago

    The solutions announcing "confident", it is going to injury your automobile, are all superb! the respond approximately pressurized coolant device/get a sparkling cap asap! that's the superb! some automobiles have a pressurized coolant device, like my 1986 Porsche 944 . without the Reservoir cap or the cap it fairly is on the radiator itself (some automobiles no longer have a cap on the radiator), the coolant would not flow, my 944 could overheat in approximately 10 min.

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  • Maroun
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    9 years ago

    check the cap.its probably not air-tight (probably a defective piece; when you buy a new car, it doesnt automatically mean it is fully functional :/).

    any ways, good luck

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