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Some DS games with anime style art?

I'll pretty much anything. I've played:

Princess Debut(lol)

Avalon Code

Lux-Pain(my favorite! I want one exactly like this! Not time hollow though:P. TH sounds lame)

The World Ends with You

The type of games I'm looking for are:

(Must have at least one of the aspects I'm listing) Detective work/supernatural/horror (so basically like Lux-Pain)

Dating sims( for girls(I'm a girl so I like to date boys! for boys is okay too as long as its not dirty cause then I just get freaked out! No hentai please.) Yaoi(boys love. Again no hentai!)

Fighting(with love aspects, or just a game where I can emotionally bond with the characters. Like Lux-Pain!)

Game where I can be a girl!

Games where you can use the microphone!

And lots of visual novels!

Please and thank you! Oh and please don't say games like Pokemon,Bakugan,Digimon or Yu-gi-Oh!. Those games I hate.

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    Um...I've never played this game before (I'm a dude) but try

    My World, My Way

    Izuna: Legend of The Unemployed Ninja

    - this one is a dungeon game. if you don't like dungeons, don't play!

    Summon Night: Twin Age

    - a good time-killer, but not a good game

    There's some guy games I know, but they're mostly SRPG (Strategy Role Playing Games) with lots of anime parts, but still. If you wanna look at them, then here

    Super Robot Taisen OG Saga

    Disgaea DS

    Luminous Arc


    Luminous Arc 2


    Megaman Starforce

    - hey, don't knock it til you try it

    Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor

    Trauma Center

    - you play doctor. It's fun!

    Trauma Center 2

    Ace Attorney Games

    - never played them, though

    Lost in Blue 2 or 3.

    - But 2 is better. But 3 is more anime-ish. which kinda ruined the game, I think

    I also recommend playing the Harvest Moon games. Those are like Life games, where you are a farmer, and you can





    make money,

    and eventually you get married to one of several possible mates. In some of them, you can play your children's lives, boy or girl.

    But if Harvest Moon is too boring for you, you can go for the Rune Factory Games, which are basically Harvest Moon but with fighting monsters, creating items, and using magic. What I really recommend is

    Rune Factory 2

    - because the game really begins with your children, which you can choose to be a girl

    or Rune Factory 3

    - which is really, really anime-ish~!!!

    What I also recommend is that you expand your gaming systems. If you have a PSP, then you can play games like

    Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable

    - it was originally a PS2 game, but the PSP version allows you to pick whether to be a boy or a girl. You. Will. Love. This. Game. I'm serious. You live an average Japanese student's life with clubs and sports and relationships, and at night you fight Shadows with your Persona

    Hexyz Force

    - Sorry, never played it, but it's really animated and you can pick to be a girl

    Yggdra Union PSP

    - Again, never played it. But is anime style and main character is a girl

    Also, the Wii has a lot of games as well, like

    Fragile Dreams


    Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

    - if you didn't play the prequel before this, that's okay. I did too, and I wasn't that lost. Just didn't enjoy it as much

    But most of all, I recommend that you follow game companies that publish these games. Most of the games I said were from Atlus USA, which is a branch in the USA from a Japanese Company.

    If all those things didn't help, then I recommend going here:

    Find the Visual Novels that are in DS (LIKE I DID) and if you are SUPER DESPERATE (LIKE I WAS) then go and buy Japanese games. Or download them online.

    Sorry that's all the info I can give you


    What's wrong with Time Hollow!?!? Lux-Pain had spelling errors AND the voices didn't match!

    The World Ends With You was great!

    Avalon Code was okay-ish. I really like the opening though. Do you have a boyfriend yet? Is it Rempo? It better be Rempo!!

    Okay, bye-me~!

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    Anime Style Games

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    I'm not sure how much sense they'll make if you haven't played the sequels, but I definitely recommend Kingdom Hearts. It has two games on DS one called 358 and a Half Days and the other Re: Coded. Definitely a fun series of games.

    There are also a lot of Final Fantasy games out -- many of which are stand alone games. Great storylines, interesting characters, strategy, action etc.

    Both Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy were created by the same company that made The World Ends with You.

    Then there's games that go with specific animes and such.

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    Rune Factory 3 Hentai

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    phoenix wright games and trauma center games have the anime art style, pw has detective stuff... tc not so much...

    there is also the Trace Memory/Another Code games, theyre pretty interesting

    The Lost in Blue series also is animeish and uses the mic

    hmm... if youre willing to jump to 3ds theres blazblue which is an anime style fighting game

    thats all i can think of off the top of my head, good luck on finding your next game

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    999 would be similar to Lux pain. The game looks great too.

    (Nine hours, nine persons, nine doors)

    Trauma team: under the knife.

    Cooking/crafting, garden Mama(the series)

    Style savvy.


    Sorry but i really don't know if their is boy dating anime style games.

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    There are alot, Bleach games, naruto games, or u can try spectron. very anime-ish

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