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What is the best submission move? + WSF 2.0 debut show?

WSF episode name: WSF 2.0 debut show

Location: New York, in Madison Square Garden

Promo: Out comes the WSF 2.0 chairman, WWE HD V2 and says "Welcome to the debut show of WSF 2.0. As you may know, the original WSF was having personal issues with the board of directors. We had great superstars in WSF like Big Ran, The Bio-Hazard, Lizacod, Rated Hardy, POP, and many more amazing talent. (Crowd cheers) But unfortunately they are no longer here (Crowd boos). I know, I'm sorry. Sometimes it's difficult making decisions. You have to understand that wrestlers can't stay in WSF forever. They found new jobs when WSF was in it's 3 month issues. They've became too busy that they can't be in WSF 2.0. But we have other great talent."

WWE HD V2 changes the subject "There is this wrestler that wants to prove to me that he is the best. Let me introduce to you POOK S!" Out comes Pook S and says 'I am the best wrestler ever. I don't need to prove it again because I proved it in other wrestling companies. Why prove it again? Just get me an opponent so I can get my World title." Out comes Mark Black and interrupts Pook S. Mark Black say "Pook, Pook, Pook. The only guy that deserves to be world champ is me, D.A know known as Mark Black." Pook S says "Are you serious? You? Oh please, You lost to The Extreme Pigeon in under 2 minutes in your first WSF match. Not to mention I defeated him before in HWA in 6 minutes. That's enough proof that I am better than you and your an embarrassment." Mark Black says "That loss in my first match was a fluke." Pook S says- "Really? You had a chance to the world title at WSmania III against Big Ran. You lost and that means you weren't ready for it." Mark Black replies "At least I was in the world title picture at WSmania III. You were in the tag team division and you lost and was the wrestler that got pinned."

WWE HD V2 says "I think both of you are ready regardless of your win and loss record. The main event will be Pook S vs Mark Black for the World Heavyweight Championship. Also, the first match has to be important and the most memorabe so it will two WSF veterans, Big Mike vs Shaun Cold for the WSF Championship." (Crowd Cheers and out comes Shaun Cold in a huge pop)

Match #1: Shaun Cold vs Big Mike for the WSF Championship

Backstage Segment

Backstage is Rated Silent talking to WWE HD V2 about his status (Read WSF H1's answer to find out the segment.

Backstage Segment #2

Brain "The Icon" Blade says to Leroy Johnson "Why the hell am not on the World Title picture? I am an Icon!" Leroy says "I am not the General Manager. I'm just an interviewer. How am I suppose to know?" Brain says "Shut up. Get the f**k out my way then." Brain pushes Leroy down.

Match #2: Brian "The Icon" Blade vs Matt Murphy for the WSF X-Divison Championship

Match #3: Rated Silent and Rated Peep Superstar vs 2 Moshi: (Moshi Man and 2 Normal) for the WSF Tag Team Championship

Backstage Segment #3

Backstage is Kittykat complaining to WWE HD V2 about the lack of women in WSF. WWE HD V2 says "There is only 2 divas in WSF, you and Dawn. I'm sorry, I will try to find more women to sign up for WSF." Kittykat says "You better or else, I will quit!"

Match #4: Kittykat vs Dawn: for the WSF Women's Championship

Backstage Segment #4

R.M. Vrankovic is in the parking lot coming out of his Hummer H3 limo. He comes well dressed with losts of money in his pocket and is ready for action. He comes and sees WWE HD V2 and R.M.says "I've came to your little wrestling company. I now demand some challenge. I am a millionaire and I'm probably richer than you! I demand the world title, NOW!" WWE HD V2 says "Whoa, too late. I already have Pook S and Mark Black. Instead, let's see what you got. You will face off in another match with other new talent." WWE HD V2 walks away. R.M. looks pissed off that Pook S and Mark Black are in the world title match but no him

Match #5

"Shadow" Shade vs Ric "W.A.N." F


Match #6: Multiple Scorgasms vs Chris Anderon vs R.M. Vrankovic vs Karic Wind n a Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match

Match #7

Eric J vs Covie for the WSF Intercontinental Championship

Main Event: Pook S vs Mark Black for the World Heavyweight Championship'

Vote for the winners and Promo

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    Sharpshooter, the crowd went mental when Bret did it and it was certainly a submission move that will live on for years to come.

    Match 1: Shaun Cold

    Match 2: Brian Blade

    Match 3: Rated Silent and Rated Peep Superstar

    Match 4: Kittykat

    Match 5: Ric "W.A.N." F

    Match 6: Chris Anderson

    Promo: Here I am again Pookanites, I am apart of WSF AGAIN! Yes, it's great to be back and back then during the old WSF I never tried hard enough, yet I was still winning matches and I was getting title shots here and there.. I walk into the locker room today and I hear I'm going to face Mark Black for the World Heavyweight Championship? I couldn't let this opportunity slip away and when I heard the news, I had to come out here and address all of you as to why I will WIN the World Heavyweight Title.

    Mark, I've known you for quite some time, I've gotten to know you almost like a brother. But in this business, NOTHING will stop me from getting every chance I can get of winning the World Heavyweight Title and when I say nothing.. I mean NOTHING so Mark keep a watchful eye in the locker room because you will be on high heels for every moment your here and until you leave to go home and rest up your body.. I'll be here, and I'll be waiting for you.

    Now Mark I respect you and all because I'm obviously a good friend of yours but one obstacle that your not going to get over is obviously winning the World Title because ALLLLLL my Pookanites know that I am destined for victory and to be the World Champion, Mark, your on the unlucky end my friend because I don't see you taking MY World Title and I have confidence in myself.. something you lack and something you need and you need to find it quickly or else you will be on the losing end.

    Pookanites REJOICE as The Era of Pook has.... BEGUN!

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    1) Shaun Cold

    2) Brian Blade

    3) Rated Silent and Rated Peep Superstar

    4) Dawn

    5) "Shadow" Shade

    6) Chris Anderson

    7) Can't vote on own match

    8) Pook S

    Promo: Its great to be back in the Wrestling Section Federation where I will start off fresh this time and I don't plan on joining any groups or Tag Teams as long as I win the Intercontinental Championship. I'll be the greatest WSF Intercontinental Champion of all-time. I will indeed make this title more prestigious than any title ever made and that is a promise meant to be kept. I'm a former Tag Team Champion with my former partner Gage, but that's the past and this is now. I plot to have the longest reign as champion and I will be the People's Champion. I love the WSF and I will make sure that I won't lose this title like I did when I was a Tag Team champion. After I win that title, I'm going to say "Here is the Champion."

    Great episode for the start.

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    Well, the best submission move that I know of is the hell's gate by The Undertaker. It's also well known as Gogoplate, and is performed when the executer (Undertaker) slips one foot in front of the opponent’s head and under his chin, locks his hands behind the opponent’s head, and chokes the opponent by pressing his shin or instep against the opponent’s trachea. No one able to unlock this submission and it's in fact one of the most dangerous submission holds and can actually choke the opponent to death.

    Here's a link:


    Youtube thumbnail



    Well, well, finally the exceptional Chris Anderson has arrived in the Wrestling Section Federation, at last! What an honor it must be for all you parasites sitting in this arena and watching from home, to have such an intelligent and sensible human being standing infront of your eyes right now. I mean, just look at me, i'm the total package, a dominant force in every sense of it's word. Finally i've made my debut here in the WSF, and i'm going to make tonights show worth remembering for the rest of your lives.

    I've been the missing link that the WSF roster has been missing since it's inception, and I'm going to prove that fact by not just winning, but by DOMINATING my first match here tonight, and what a way to kick off my debut. A Fatal 4 way match? This is starting to get interesting! I know that all of you bought tickets for tonight's show to see me in action, and honestly I don't blame ya. I mean, after all I am the centerpiece of this company.

    R.M, Vrankofic and Karic, be prepared, because it's about to get dirty in here! A force of domination is coming towards you, and there's nothing you can do about it!


    MATCH Winners:

    Match #1: Shaun Cold vs Big Mike for the WSF Championship:

    Winner: Shaun Cold.

    Match #2: Brian "The Icon" Blade vs Matt Murphy for the WSF X-Divison Championship:

    Winner: Brian "The Icon" Blade.

    Match #3: Rated Silent and Rated Peep Superstar vs 2 Moshi: (Moshi Man and 2 Normal) for the WSF Tag Team Championship:

    Winner: Rated Silent and Rated Peep Superstar.

    Match #4: Kittykat vs Dawn: for the WSF Women's Championship:

    Winner: Kittykat.

    Match #5: "Shadow" Shade vs Ric "W.A.N." F

    Winner: Ric "W.A.N." F.

    Match #6: Multiple Scorgasms vs Chris Anderon vs R.M. Vrankovic vs Karic Wind n a Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match.

    My own match, can't vote.

    Match #7

    Eric J vs Covie for the WSF Intercontinental Championship:

    Winner: Eric J.

    Main Event: Pook S vs Mark Black for the World Heavyweight Championship:

    Winner: Pook S.

    Source(s): ;) Cool show, btw!
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    Backstage Segment with Rated Silent and WWE HD V2

    Rated Silent: Hey why am I not in the main event? Why are nobodies like Pook S and Mark Black. You already know I am the greatest of all time.

    WWE HD V2: Rated Silent, You are too old to compete. It's time to give younger guys some spot at the world title picture. You should be retiring by now.

    Rated Silent: But I still got it. I am still the best ever. It's a shame that your 4-time World Champion, former leader of 3 stables, and Royal Rumble III winner is not in the main event, yet Mark Black and Pook S are. That's bullsh*t!

    WWE HD V2: Yes, I know you did a lot for WSF and you have many accomplishments but it's time to try out my new superstars. You keep it cool for a while. Take a break, go on vacations.

    Rated Silent: I still want to be in WSF for more accomplishments. I am much better than Pook S and Mark Balck combined.

    WWE HD V2 "Give it a rest. Why don't you train wrestlers. Tell you what, you can help Rated Peep Superstar with his career. You will be his mentor. He wants to compete for the Tag Team division. Why don't you team up with him for the Tag Team championship

    Rated Silent: No, I want to be in the main event.

    WWE HD V2: You want to accomplish more, do you? If so, why don't you go for the WSF Triple Crown Championship. You already a former world champion, Now you need the Secondary Championships and the Tag Team Championships

    Rated Silent: OK, but I still want a world title shot soon.


    If you want to sign up







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    9 years ago

    Shaun Cold

    Matt Murphy

    Rated Silent and Rated Peep Superstar


    Shadow Shade

    Can't vote I'm In There

    Eric J

    Pook S

    Promo: You know, I am Karic Wind I am better then you and all of you know that! You're looking at the future of this business right here! I'm better than everyone at everything! I will make a great impact here in the Wrestling Section Federation! (Crowd Boos) Well the WSF chairman knows that Karic Wind= Money and WSF Popularity! It may seem WSF has been taken over by an angry Luchador, but who cares? If anyone knows anything about how awesome Karic Wind is, then tell the world! Don't be afraid (Karic goes to a guy in the crowd and the guy in the crowd gives him the finger). *Karic goes back to the ring* ok maybe YOU don't think your future WSF champion is awesome but of course deep down everyone knows I'm awesome! Better than all of you guys! By the way guys, before I leave, Jets Suck, Yankees suck, Knicks suck, and the Rangers suck! Bye everyone!

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    Brian Blade

    Team Silent


    Ric F

    RM Vrankovic

    Eric J

    Pook S

    Promo: Ladies and gentlemen Big Mike would like to welcome you to the first installment of his new show WSF 2.0. Anyone who watched the original WSF would know right away that Big Mike would run this show. There is only one person that stands in Big Mike's way, his opponent tonight, Shaun Cold. Yeah everyone here is on Shaun Cold's dick and you all know it. Everyone has always thought that Shaun Cold was so good and so much better than Big Mike and they're sll wrong. Every promotion the two of us has been in, Shaun Cold has been the golden boy and Big Mike has been stuck behind him no matter how many matches he won Shaun Cold got all the attention not Big Mike. Well Big Mike is going to change that here in WSF and it starts tonight when Big Mike wins the first match in WSF 2.0 and becomes WSF Champion.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Match 1. Shaun Cold

    Match2. Murphy

    Match 3. Rated

    Match 4. Dawn

    Match 5. Ric

    Match 6. R.M.

    Match 7. Cant vote, my own.

    Match 8. Pook


    Promo: Eric J? Erick f*%&ing J? There's a reason that scrub fought along side Gage in a tag team.. Because he is not singles material. Let alone Intercontinental champion. $hit, if Eric didn't have Gage to CARRY him he wouldn't even have a tag team championship on his resume.Tonight when I face that scrub, I am going to save WWE HD V2's @$$ and keep that damn belt out of the hands of Eric J. People say I don't have potential? Many great superstars have started their wrestling careers with the intercontinental championship belt, who later went on to win the World Heavyweight championship. The rock, Y2J, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and even Jeff Hardy.. Well after tonight, add my name to the list.

  • 9 years ago

    Shaun COld

    MAtt Murphy

    dont vote



    R.M Vranik

    Eric J

    Pook S


    So tonight is my debut match... and im in the match for the WS tag team championship... With none other then the legendary Rated Silent... In his day this man was unstoppable and you know what i agree with him i think he is still top S***. Rated Silent this could be a start of something... Something that will change the face of yahoo... Sure we mite start out as tag team champions by beating 2 moshi... wtf is 2 moshi... any ways as i was saying one day me and you can be the champions... One of us will the WSF champion the other world heavyweight champion... I'm like a young Brock Lesnar and your like Ric Flair or Shawn Michaels or Kurt Angle im the young kid with the bright future and your the legend... We can both contribute to eachother you have experience you can teach me about my opponents... and i can how can i say this give you back that burning fire inside of you that you had when you were younger... We can be great champions... We mite have to start off small with the tag team titles........ If your with me Rated Silent then lets win these tag titles tonight and show everyone what we're made of

    We are RATED TO WIN

  • 9 years ago

    Looks like an excellent show.

    1. Shaun Cold

    2. Matt Murphy

    3. 2 Moshi

    4. Dawn

    5. Shade

    6. N/A (my wrestler is in that match)

    7. Covie

    8. Mark Black

    Also, the best submission move is the Crippler Crossface.

    Source(s): Promo: Hello. I am R.M. Vrankovic, and I am incredibly wealthy. Probably wealthier than you. I have come to this company because I want a new challlenge. I am a success at everything I have done. A success in business. A success in real estate. And now, I will be a success in the WSF. I promise you all that I will be the richest champion ever in this company. I am R.M. Vrankovic. And I will be the champion.
  • 9 years ago

    1 Shaun Cold

    2 Brian Blade

    3 2 Moshi

    4 Kittykat

    5 Shadow Shade

    6 Chris Anderson

    7 Eric J


    Wow it's great to be back here in the WSF (crowd cheers). But there are some things that you guys, the WSF fans, my opponent for tonight and the entire roster need to know. I'm not here to make friends, i'm not here to be cheered by all of you and i'm not here to be nice to ANYBODY. I'm here to make money, to be successful and to do what i love and that is get in the ring and kick *ss!!!

    But of course there are people on the roster that would like to be my friend like Pook S or kiss my *ss. Why? Because i'm a WINNER and people don't associate themselves with losers! This is not something i just made up, this is human nature. People LOVE being around someone that they can look up to or someone that they can learn from or someone that is a winner just like some of them. Who better to have as a friend than me? I'm one if not THE best damn wreslter in WSF and someone you can trust!!! But like i said i'm not here for non of that. I do things on my own, i don't need anybody and i don't want anybody. So Pook...call me a friend outside the WSF because i'm not here to shake your hand or wish you luck before or after our match. Here in the WSF, you are my enemy just like everyone else on the roster.

    You want to take something that actually belongs to me! You want to take something that i was SUPPOSED to WIN before WSF had issues! Too bad Big Ran isn't here because i would love to proof to him that he isn't even on the level below me. But that's the past and right now my so called "friend" wants to stand in my way. Pook...i'm warning you, get the f*ck outta my way or you will regret it for the rest of your life!!! I allowed you to keep the World Title in another company, but in this one, hahaha...you will never get the chance to even touch the championship!!! Believe THAT!!!

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