Guys! What should I do during summer?

Hey guys! I just realized a month has passed since vacation started and I really haven't done much. Last year my relatives came to visit so at least we had a lot of fun. My family and I went on a 1 week trip to France a few weeks ago, and since then, nothing much has happened.

I wake up, go for a walk with my brother, play video games, watch TV, go on the computer, sometimes go to the mall with my friends, and go swimming. I feel like I am wasting away my summer (I'm going to be a sophomore this fall). All my friends are having a fun time at their vacation homes or at a summer camp, and I'm just stuck here. It's like I'm stuck in a rut...

Any ideas for what I can do? Recently I've gotten into 3d-modeling on the computer which is fun, but I feel a bit like a loser (tbh) on the computer all day, trying to make 3d animals or whatever :P

What are you doing during summer? Any answers would be great. :)

Thanks a lot, have a great day!


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  • 9 years ago
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    You're in a rut; but, here's the way out:




    Get inspired by sitting in the backyard next to a tree, some flowers, something green. Nature might whisper to you, make you feel good, so you'll want to write a poem or a story.

    Write a song and sing it.

    Are you the practical type? volunteer some time at the local hospital

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    9 years ago

    I have the same problem, if you organise stuff to do with your friends then that is doing stuff, otherwise do more stuff outside, not just exercise but also reading and painting. If you spend nearly all day inside then you feel like you're wasting it. Also do creative stuff, like making 3d models on the computer

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  • 9 years ago

    loser?? thats my life you talking about >:O ...LOL

    well tring to get into shape is nice way keeps you busy 1 hour every mourning then JUMP onTO the COMPUTER AND MAKE MORE 3D ANIMALS you know the ones you were thinking about that first hour

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  • 9 years ago

    yeah, i was kinda thinking of what to do for the summer hols---haven't gone very far...

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