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Immigration to canada?

what are the immigration polices?

what requirements need to be meet to be accepted into canada?


I need real answers please.

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    You can get into Canada in a variety of ways.

    -Marriage (gay or straight, this is Canada we're talking about!)

    -Coming as a student, getting a degree or recognized qualification, and using that to get 'landed immigrant status' (Canadian equivalent of 'green card')

    -'Points' immigration where you qualify as a worker under the ponts system.

    -'Family class' immigration if you have relatives of a certain type in Canada


    A word of warning, unlike the US which has a very complex immigration system that almost requires you to use an immigration lawyer, Canada has a very simple system. You can apply yourself. The officials are quite honest. Do not pay 'immigration consultants' they tend to be crooks.

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    5 years ago

    Actually there are many policies to apply immigration to Canada from USA... You should hire immigration expert who will provide you the best opportunities..

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    Here you are:

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