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travelling from Panama to Colombia?

I was just wondering if it is possible to drive from Panama to Colombia?? I have looked it up on the internet, and i am getting mixed messages, a lot of people are saying that you can't, and a lot of people are saying that you can, so im not sure....i heard about the Darren Gap between Panama and Colombia and how there used to be ferry that took cars across, but i heard that it was stopped. and if you can't take a ferry across, can you walk or someting??

thank you so much :D

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    Hi Nicole,

    here's the deal. The Darien Gap can be crossed, however, you can't. The Darien Gap is a restricted area on the border of Panama and Colombia, and the authorities do NOT allow to enter the area!!! The area is the thickest jungle in the world and extremely dangerous. There are lots of wild animals, poisenous snakes, and it is also FARC territory (Colombian Terror Organization). Besides, there are no roads between Panama and Colombia. The last time somebody crossed the Darien Gap by car was about 15 years ago (at time time it was possible to get a permission). It took them over one year to cross the Darien Gap by car, and those people very extremely experienced.

    The a.m. information is based on facts and not what some people think.

    I have spent quite some time in Panama and Colombia.

    If you wanna go from Panama to Colombia I recommend to take a sailing boat from Portobelo (close to Colon) to Cartagena in Panama. Most hostels in Panama City can tell you more about it. It will usually take 5 days with a 3 day stop in the San Blas Islands (beautiful), and cost you between $ 400.00 and

    $ 500.00, and it is worth it.

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    Norbert is right as far as he goes and the sailing boat route in clearly the more comfortable. There used to be a ferry from Barranquilla or Cartegena but now the route is more complicated. You can go to Colon to take a boat to Puerto Oboado in Panama and from there you can take a water taxi to the nearest Colombian town. From there you can take a regularly scheduled boat to a place where you can take a bus to anywhere in Colombia.

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