Do Sikhs have to wear Turbans?

I was wondering if Sikhs' have to wear a turban. If Guru Gobind said you MUST wear turbans?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Interstingly I lived in a town with a sikh community here in Australia. As a Singh, you are Sikh so I am not sure what you need from the question however i will give you what I can

    Turban is an English word used to refer to several sorts of headwear. Turbans are a popular form of headgear worn in the Middle East, North Africa and Southwest Asia. They are designed to help keep the wearer cool in hot desert environments such as the Sahara.

    The Sikh turban, known as the Dastar, is mandatory for all Khalsa Sikhs to wear. The Pheta is worn in Maharashtra and also has regional variants like Puneri and Kolhapuri pheta. In Mysore and Kodagu the turban is known as the Mysore Peta. The Rajastani turban is commonly called the Pagari. It will vary by caste, class, religion and region. It also serves practical functions like protecting from the elements, used as a pillow, blanket or towel. When unravelled, it is used like a rope where it is tied to a bucket to draw water from the well.

    The Pagri will also vary in shape, size and colour. The colour will vary related to occasion it will be worn. For example, Saffron (associated with valour) is worn during rallies, White (associated with peace) is worn by elders, Pink (associated with spring) is worn during the spring season or marriage ceremonies, etc.

    I found living as a christian they Punjabi indians (All Singh's and sikh bar a couple) they were beautful respectful people showing modesty and respect especially toward the christian holy book. One of the most hospital nationalities I have found and I made some wonderful friends there too.

    I remember the men, usually the older ones in the community use to wear black turbans. My friend once explained the exact meaning of the colours and the dagar however my memory isn't what it use to be

    Hope that limited info helps

    Source(s): wiki help lol
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