How to turn down guys asking for nudes?

I'm under 18 , and I understand that it is illegal to send nudes to people. I constantly get asked for nudes by guys. I am a normal weight, but my boobs are like way too big, ( DD36) and i dont really know what to where to hide them ? I ask my friends, and they say that im not exactly advertising myself, but it really annoys me when guys ask for nudes. This guy that I really like asks me for them all the time, like almost every second day, but I dont know how to say no without him being mad, or like totally hating me. There is like maybe 7-8 guys that do this regularly, and then some random people do it too. Please help me, I want to be nice about it , but want them to know that im not going to send them pictures.

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    9 years ago
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    I know how it feels to be worried about letting people down, but these guys definitely deserve a NO. They need to learn that you're not about to let that part of your body be showcased, and they need to know that you respect yourself. I know you wouldn't go through with it, but just think- if you did send a guy a nude pic, they would automatically either keep coming back for more things to jerk off to, show their friends and give you a bad name, or leave and remember you as someone with little class. I'm totally not saying I assume you'd do that, though! You sound smart and responsible. But these boys need to get their act together and they aren't going to do that unless you lessen the sweetness and say, "What kind of girl do you think I am, anyway? Is that really all you're after, my body?"

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    I wouldn't worry too much about their feelings, since guys continuously asking for nudes of you, probably aren't really interested in you(they don't respect you as a person).

    So just say no, these guys probably pick up, you're having trouble, saying no, and protecting your own boundaries, and are trying to exploit that(the danger with these guys is, that they usually check if they can control you, with something like nude pics, and then try and push you further, which can result in some very bad situations). You deserve more respect than that.

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    9 years ago

    Okay, so you're clearly a little girl. You need to realize that teenage boys are really after one objective goal here. They want to fantasize about girls and hope to one day get their ultimate wish to come true. You can tell a boy you don't feel comfortable about sending him pictures, think what would happen if that got around your school. Pictures spread quickly, and once you hit send there is absolutely no turning back. Remember that once it's done, you have no control over who will later on view your body. Your body is something you should keep private until you find a boy you want to see you naked. And until you feel 100% confident that this boy is someone you truly care about; my advice is to keep your clothes on and don't allow them to pressure you into anything. Also one more thing, if you care about a guy and you do choose to show him your body; do not let it be in a picture for the first time. My suggestion is to never send pictures, the stories never end as you plan. Hope this helps you honey.

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    9 years ago

    WoW, You sound just like my best friend..

    OK, she has a large bra size too (DD??),

    and boys have no respect for how she feels

    when they ask her to show her boobs and

    send pics too. So what she would do is curse

    them out, lol...

    But since you are the nicer person,,,,

    you should probably just Keep Saying No,

    Because you have self respect.

    There really isn't any other way to sugar code it..

    "No I'm not sending nude pics to you, I don't

    trust you, Its not classy, and I JUST DON'T WANT TO."

    Point blank.... Hope it helps, If not the other answers should...

    Thank you for being one of the few girls these days that

    have self respect... >>> =)

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    Just say no. If they keep on pestering you, be firm when you say no, it should get the message across. Don't give out your age or anything if it's from people online, just say "NO." If people ask you online (like on Facebook), there may be a way to block them. As for the crush, I think the same would apply. Just explain "I'm sorry, you're really cool, but I don't feel comfortable with that." If he cares then he should understand and respect that. Remember, you're not being mean, you're just giving them an answer. You can't please everyone all the time, especially if the way to please them makes you very uncomfortable.

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    You're worried about a guy hating you for not sending them naked pictures of yourself? Okay, if a guy gets mad or "hates" you over something like this - you're associating with the wrong people.

    You respect your body.

    I have never sent nudes in my life ( not even to men that I've been intimate with ) but I have, seen countless girls lives ruined over this.

    ..And why be nice? when I guy asks me for pictures I tell them to **** off. They're not treating you with RESPECT so why give it to them?

  • If you're not interested in the guy say No.

    If you're interested in the guy, just say Nah.

    That's how I would go about it, but I don't really get asked...

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    Wow, I feel sorry for you. :( Those guys are douchebags. Anyways just say no. And don't apologize. You have nothing to apologize for. If they persist, tell your mom or a trusted adult and get them in trouble.

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    thats really low of them to do that to you, DOUCHEBAG alert, don't like any guy that ask repetetly, i mean guys are only human, but thats way too much. just be like " no, sorry. " or something similar, because no is no, if they keep asking then you can report them.

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