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German Shorthaird Pointer Questions...?

We have a recently (3 months out) adopted almost 2 year old GSP. He has been staying with me for the last few months but has recently gone to live with my boyfriend full time as that was the arrangement. I kept him until my boyfriend was finished buying his house. Now that he has the house, he has gone to live with him. At my home, he was fairly well behaved and had another dog to play with. He was out in either the house or the yard unless it was bed-time, then he was kenneled. My boyfriend does not have another dog for him to play with and he is left alone while he is at work 8-9 hours a day. He has begun to be destructive when left alone in the house (tearing up carpet is the worst he has done so far). We need some solutions for him during the day as I would hate for him to be kenneled all day :/ In the backyard, he digs is left alone for too long because he is bored. Our neighbors also have chickens so we don't want him digging at the fence or barking at them. Any suggestions are welcome. We are aware that he needs exercise, and we do that, so OTHER suggestions will be very helpful! Thanks!

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    Get him mental stimulation toys, like kongs.

    Your dog would also love hard bones to chew on, and squeaky toys to murder, tennis balls to toss and romp with, and ropes to chew on.

    One thing I got as a time consumer for my dogs is marrow bones from the supermarket. The dogs LOVE to stick their jaws in it and get out all the meat, which takes time, and then chew on the indestructible bone for their teeth.

    One thing you could do is get an automatic cat toy. Get a little electronic mouse that will twist and turn and run on wheels. It will also keep your dog interested while you're gone.

    Before you set out all the toys, it would be nice to play a rigorous game of fetch for 10 minutes before you leave, and go for a nice jog with the dog. That will tire him out a bit before play.

    Dogs love mental stimulation and exercise. It keeps them busy. Hopefully my methods help you!

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    Is he crate trained? Some will say its cruel to lock a dog up yaddah yaddah, but the dog actually sees the crate as its 'haven' if you like. Do some research and see if you think it might suit.

    Good luck

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    Recreate the situation where the dog was well-behaved. You and your dog should move in with your boyfriend.

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