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How do i train my puppy to stop biting?

i got a 7 month year old puppy and he wont stop biting everybody how do i get him to stop??

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    ik tjis is really wierd i dont do this cuz id have a dog but my bff has a yorkie and he bites her and she got sick of it once and she bite hime hahahha and he just looked at her like wahhhh she didnt hurt him just you know slightly and every time he did tht she bite him not hard and he stopped it only took like 1 week but ist funny :) try it it worked for her

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    With a puppy, especially a male puppy, you need to establish the dominant animal in the household (you) at some point, and this is usually best done earlier rather than later.

    There are several ways I have hear people doing this, and usually they involve punishing the puppy in some minor way. The most common and effective one I have ever heard was biting the puppy back on the ear hard enough to make it whine or yelp, but not too hard to actually hurt it. This is what another dog would probably do to the puppy to establish that he/she is the dominant one. Other people say that flicking it on the nose every time it bites will work. Others say tapping its behind with a rolled up paper will work. Etc.

    There are several ways, and you don't HAVE to hurt it in a minor way if you don't want to, that just happens to be the easiest, most effective way, because that is how it is going to learn naturally (how it would learn in the wild if it were a wolf/coyote/whatever, which is what all dogs are descended from). But anything will work as long as you can associate biting with something negative. I am afraid that in this case things that you would do with a child probably won't work (soft punishment usually is not effective to an animal). The pepper thing may work, I have never tried it, but it would probably take a while until the puppy started associated the pepper with biting.

    Just remember not to do anything too early or too late. If you do it too early it will either have negative effects on the animal or it won't work at all because the animal won't remember it (puppies have very short term memory). But if you do it too late, it won't take hold very well. But usually by the time a puppy starts biting and generally being awnry it is old enough to teach it such a "lesson."

    BTW, sometimes spraying water will work too, not always though. Also, getting the puppy something to chew would help it, but it won't get rid of the problem entirely.

    To be clear, I do not support animal cruelty. I'm just telling it the way I have heard it and experience, from my life growing up the son of a vet working many years at a veterinary clinic.

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    puppies are teething too. dont forget that. i would recommend getting him a bone or a treat thing to chew on (especially the dental ones as they will help with his teeth and gums too)

    however if it is agressive biting you need to enforce, like you would a child that it is bad. standing up tall with good posture looking down at him and giving a firm 'no.' with a scary expression (dogs are exceptional at reading body language- hence why they can 'sense fear') should deter him after a while. and like children, never underestimate the power of toys- distraction, deterrent, reward, whatever.

    also puppies mature after a while and become more settled however, leaving bad behaviours unpunished will be harder to get rid of when hes older and stronger. good luck :D

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    10 years ago

    Give him things he can chew on. When he bites your hand yelp loudly. Stop the game/contact. Then go back and carry on. Repeat until he learns.

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    10 years ago

    if it bites your hand, put it in a fist and yell no.. do not give it attention for couple minutes.. when it comes to you and bites you again do the same thing, yell no and pretend you are going to flick its nose..

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    when he starts to bite distract him like by making a loud noise from yourself or a toy thast what helped withh my dog

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    10 years ago

    well he will grow out of it but use a squirt bootle everytime he bite just spray him in the face a little he will stop, but be patient!:) good luck!

  • 10 years ago

    when he does it put pepper in his mouth so he will associate something gross with it... thats what they do to babies who bite

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