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Easy points for the first one to tell me where can I get these jeans?

Okay so I wanted to know where can I get the jeans the guys are wearing in this video :

Youtube thumbnail

I don't even know how to look for them.. so points to the person who tells me =)

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    ok. well since they're in a music video they are prolly special made if not try hot topic cause i know for a fact they have jeans like that um try specialty skinny jean stores too like and i get my skinny jeans from those web sites alot to, um sometimes you cant get exaclty those pants if not im sure they make pants that look alot alike or very close to those cause i have quite a few pair that look like that with the chains, other then that just keep your eye out for them, jc penny? hot topic, sometimes malls have specialty stores sorry i cant be of more help

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    Anywhere! Try Gap or Macy's!

    Hope it helped!

    -Daniella M.:)

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