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I want to move to Toronto?

I live in the halifax and i definitely want to be a hair stylist. i am really good at it and always had a thing for it ever since i was little. i dont come from a rich family, but i have big dreams. i want to move to toronto and be a hairstylist, and eventually open up my own salon. i dont, however want to work at a first choice or some other cheap salon and get minimum wage, i want to be able to live comfortably in toronto. so my plan was to finish highschool and go to hair school here, save up money and move to toronto and get an apartment for 1000 + 500 for food, internet, cable, cell. so 1500 a month, and extra shopping money so 1700 a month. does this sound reasonable? would i have enough money to even live in toronto if i worked at a medium/upscale hair salon? should i just get a degree in psycology and be a counsellor for young people or help people on drugs/with mental illness instead, and then just get my hairschool later down the road? please hellp, thanks

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    JJ is right on the ball with that one !

    I wanted to move to Toronto as well and thought it was going to be all easy and glamorous,

    I planned on going to school for either my MFA ( Master Of Fine Arts) degree or to go to school to become an MUA ( Makeup Artist ) and my sister who has lived in Toronto informed me that I was not going to find no decent apartment in Toronto for 1000 a month.

    Basically what that gets you is either a pretty crusty apartment or a basement apartment so not exactly comfortable living ... and I didn't even expect something fabulous just decent ya know ..and yeah even for decent in Toronto is like 1500 a month lets talk bills ...bills usually are way more expensive than that these days sometimes internet and cable alone is 100 and depending on your cell plan I don't know about you but mines 80 alone so that to me was even more money on top of things ...then your food which would most likely be 500 alone then a couple bucks more for entertainment if that matters to you like what JJ had notified ....then your public transit as well since you will be a student im sure you will be using so .......andd remember if your on a student loan you have to pay ALL of that back !

    Also keep in mind that Toronto is a very competitive city alone so it is good that you have skills but just be ready for competition cousin owns a salon in T.O. soo yeahh just warning you not to be mean or anything its just sometimes in such a big city it can get over whelming but if you really think you have what it takes more power to yah ...deff get a job while your in school too though .

    I still plan to move there its just now someone opened up my eyes to what Toronto living is really like basically the bigger picture and it definitely is expensive and you have to work twice as hard to make those dreams come true ..and not everyone's going to be nice about it either... sometimes a little experience not saying it has to be first choice but something like that does definitely help !

    Best of luck though ..and remember no dream is too big ...just keep in mind your going to have to be ready to hustle your butt off to get to the top lol,

    I really dont mean to sound mean or scare ya just kind of think of Toronto like the New York City of Canada !!! ..............Anyways I hope this helps :) Take Care !

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  • colker
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    3 years ago

    Moving To Toronto Alone

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  • Ruth
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    9 years ago

    "...should i just get a degree in psycology and be a counsellor for young people or help people on drugs/with mental illness instead,..."

    I got news for you.

    To work as a counsellor with the hopes of being able to make enough money to eat, you will require at least a master's degree, lots of clinical hours and then try to even find a job as a counsellor. I know this because I have a degree in - btw, it's psychology, not psycology...two post-graduate certificates in addictions counselling and counselling science and there is still not much in the way of jobs that pay enough to live on.

    Your best bet would be to stay in school, get really good grades, get into university and study science there. You stand a much better chance of being able to survive with a university degree in something like medicine or nursing than a diploma in hair dressing. That's not to say being a hairdresser isn't a good choice - just that it's a very very tough market out there and I do not want you to have your dreams dashed.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    If you search around you can find a good bachelor for around $1000. Good as in clean and quiet. You will have to pay hydro (which can get very pricey), cable etc seperate. Before moving to my current location, I paid $900 a month for a bachelor. It was small but comfortable and well located - 5 min from the subway. I checked and the same apt is now going for $1000.

    For $1200 you can upgrade to a decent Jr 1 bedroom - the ones in my building have hydro included in the price plus an indoor pool and located within 5 min to subway. The place is very clean and well maintained, pet friendly building near a major park. You need to be dilligent in your search and you'll find one.

    That being said, it can be very expensive to live in this city. Hydro, transit, food, cable, cell etc will eat away at your $500 budget in no time. You also need to budget in yearly rent increases as well as unexpected expenses (prescriptions etc). Personally, I'd get the degree first.

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  • JJ
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    9 years ago

    I think you might have re-evaluate your budget a bit. $1000 will only get you a basic might want to consider a bit more than that. Also, you'll need at least $500/month just for food, plus another $120/month for public transit or $400/month if you drive your own car, $150/month for phone/internet/television, and $500/month for shopping/entertainment. Toronto is an expensive city.

    Also, keep in mind that income tax will cut down your income by about 30% or more.

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  • 9 years ago

    To afford a 1000/my apartment you need to be making a minimum of about $3k/mo. In your budget you didn't factor in things like entertainment, emergencies, transit and savings.

    Most salons require you to rent a chair and build your own clientèle so factor in that cost.

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    5 years ago

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