What exactly is a Mohini ghost?

I've been browsing and reading some people's accounts of their brush with the paranormal/ghosts, and came across an interesting story on a forum written by a man who has been hearing anklets jingling in regular rhythmic patterns almost all his life, no matter where he goes... almost as if some classical Indian dancer is nearby. He's been hearing it in his house and also other places that he went to! One of the comments left by readers beneath that story mentions that it might be a Mohini, and that it can be gotten rid of. This fueled my interest. What exactly is a Mohini? How does it come into being? I would like to know all about it, if anybody has information.

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    Mohini is an avatar of Lord Vishnu (Hindu Religion) who lured a demon and killed him.Normally,women who end their life on their own are supposed to be loitering with sex urge as'mohini's and lure unwary men into trap and kill them.These stories are circulated mostly in Southern part of India.Don't ever try to imagine/think/try to contact a mohini.They are supposed to wear white sarees,wear jasmine flowers, and jingling anklets.They are ghosts and and cause unnatural/freak deaths.sometimes,they insult and affect the pride of men through someone also..need not be afraid,but ignore those thoughts.request the man u've mentioned to go to a temple nearby and pray that 'mohini' not to disturb him/harm will go away.ask him to be carefull with living mohinis around him.

    Source(s): all women are mohinis , be carefull.
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  • 9 years ago

    1)A beautiful girl died before her marriage and become a ghost.2)A rich young mans wife call about a beautiful girl if she enter into their life and if her husband always together with that new girl..

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