I want to adopt, but I cant afford it. We do not want to do the Foster parent route. what should I do?

we would like someone to just sign their child over to us if you cant take care it.


We are def. not Poverty stricken, we own our home on 25 acres. My question left out the part about it being an Over seas Child. However in Parts of India you are required to own a home to adopt out. So before you go ahead with your Cruel comments look at the BIG Picture here! Our means of "cant afford it" simply means that I am not Angelina Jolie I simply cannot just purchase a home their just to Adopt a child.

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  • Bella
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    10 years ago
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    If you can't afford to adopt then you can't afford to house and provide for a child. End of story, move on. You can't use children to climb your way out of poverty. Adopt a child from your own country, unless you've already been declined for other reasons. You have to play by the rules.

  • 10 years ago

    Foster care and adoption are to make sure the CHILD gets the best environment possible. No one is going to sign over a child to someone they don't know.

  • Tricky
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    10 years ago

    Foster care is for kids that need homes and loving families. Adoption agencies are companies that legally sell children. ( what else would you call a company that generates huge profits on the "transfer" of children from one parent to another?)

    I would suggest two things. Foster care -- or give birth yourself.

  • ?
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    10 years ago

    Well, it doesn't work like that, so.

    Get a second job at Old Navy or Target or something... save up for a few more years.

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  • 10 years ago

    Email me we should talk. I understand what your talking about! my husband and I are going through the same thing. sk8erbratt_1@yahoo.com

  • pdooma
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    10 years ago
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