Toddler allergic to all insect bites?

Hi, my son is 26 months. I noticed when he gets a mosquito bite he swells very badly. Normally the mosquito bites take a week or so to go away. Sometimes up to 2-3 weeks. I know it's normal for most toddlers to be allergic, but every time he gets a bug bite it swells a lot and stays for more than a week. He doesn't have any breathing problems or anything that would make me take him to emerge, but is there anything I can do to help him? He mostly gets his bug bites from daycare.. and I'm assuming its because they are outside a lot. I don't want to hear just spray insect repellent on him because obviously I can't be by his side 24/7 while hes at daycare. They go out several times throughout the day. Should I talk to his doctor about this or what should I do? In order to get an appointment with our doctor I usually have to wait a few months to see him.

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    my son is the same way and it was really bad when he was smaller he would get these black pusy sores where he would get bit. i use to take him to the er all the time because i didnt know what they were and they would just say oh they are bug bites keep him inside (so dont take him to the doctor its a waste of time and money) having said all that there are a few things you can do. 1) spray him from head to toe even spay some in your hands and rub it on his face before you leave for the day. 2) there are these things called bug bands and i swear by them its like a little plastic braclet and they work wonders. they are good for 120 hours so he can wear it all day at daycare and will be just fine i use to clip my sons to his ankle or back belt loop so he wouldnt mess with it. you can buy them one at a time or in a four pack i would get the four pack just to be on the safe side because i have never seen them in stores. 3) there are also what we call the dots. its a little white clothlike sticker and you just stick it to the back of their shirt its good for about 3 hours. i keep them in my car just in case i forget my sons braclet. i added links to both sites so i hope it helps

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    Your son isn't really allergic to insect bites. He's having a bigger reaction than other people, but still within the normal range. One of my sons was just like that. The rest of us would have few or no bug bites and he'd be covered in them. The bites would swell up and linger on him for days. His pediatrician said some people's bodies just are more attractive to bugs and there's really nothing you can do about it.

    I, too, was hesitant to put harmful insect repellent on a small kid. Having your son wear long pants and long sleeves will help, but other than that, there isn't much you can do.

    If it's any consolation, my son grew out of this problem, so perhaps yours will, too.

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    My daughter is 16 months and when she plays outside and gets a mosquito bite it turns into a freakin goose egg sized thing! I just put hydrocortizone cream on it and that's about it. They bruise badly and leave marks on her for almost a month. I was the exact same way when I was a kid but now as an adult it doesn't happen to me anymore.

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    I just took my daughter to the doctor 2 days ago for this same thing. She had a bug bite that was swollen and really red and it was hot to the touch. My doc said that she is allergic to bug bites. What he told me to do is attempt to bug spray them if you can, if not and the bites are big you can give them kids benadryl and that should help. Also kids hydrocortizone cream. My daughters stay around for weeks also and they bruise too. I know what your going through. Try the benadryl, it really helps my daughters swelling go down! Hope this helps!

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    I had particularly some issues comparable with myself and my daughter. We have been advised by making use of a nutritionist to take massive doses of B1. B1 is a water soluble nutrition that's secreted in the process the floor. Mosquitoes do no longer like it, so as that they stay away. i take advantage of it each summer season. i'm a grown guy, approximately two hundred lbs and that i take one hundred Mg an afternoon. i might advise you talk on your pediatrician approximately how plenty for a newborn.

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