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do you think God will ever give me the gift of distinguishing between the spirits, what do you think it means?

if he ever do, you are going to see a reckoning in the Church. I will find all the false prophets, all the ones that say they speak in tongues and do not. A good cleaning of the church. Actually if you listen very well you can see some false prophets in the pentecostal church. When the holy spirit they say comes down on them and they talk encouraging the church as if they are God. You see them stumble and stutter and trip, and you can hear them think what they are going to say next.

Our God does not think, for he is wise beyond all measures, to show what he thinks, shows he is not sure what to say next, and shows he is not wise enough for he does not have all the answers...or what he memorized and practised to say, for this guy...God would speak perfectly without flaw, if the holy spirit came upon them and spoke threw them. I am not saying they all are false just this one fella I know of.

What do you think Distinguishing between the spirits means? Do I have it right?

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    1 John 4:1

    Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.

    In other words, discern between what is biblical and what is not.

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    If God gives you such a gift, it will not be for that reason, but to help His people...individually.

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    The Bible says: "Do not forbid speaking in tongues."

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