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is there mention of anyone in the bible God teaches or trained spiritually to resist the devil and be good?

Or does he just say he can die for everyone and we all have to be sinners like Paul the disciple? I go to do good, but can not for the sin in me makes me do evil?Has the heavenly father ever been a father to anyone? has the great teacher ever been a teacher to anyone? Does the holy of holy's ever make people holy? has anyone ever asked, PRAYED to be holy?for the teacher to teach and make you holy? has anyone ever went to God before and ASKED, TEACH ME YOUR WAYS SO I WALK WITH YOU? If you all did, or if anyone has other then myself, has God ever trained teach-ed for once in his life anyone his ways? so you are as righteous as him? or does he only smile I can send my son as a offering, and call him the lamb of God, as he sheds the blood of Jesus for they all shout we have to be sinners, and slaves to sin, and love Jesus suffering for our transgressions and freeing us from sin?

Jesus says he is greater then the world, but the Christians are all sinners, still sinning saying while we live in the world, we must be sinners....but the lamb of God can sure sacrifice himself for us..and RISE...but we all know Jesus never defeated sin, all he did was cover it in the blood, for he is not greater then the world, and they all know it, and say while we live in the world we have to be sinners. Only when we get to heaven can we be truly free and righteous. For Jesus does not really know the way.

Has anyone ever prayed to be holy as God, other then the great seeker in the bible?

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    To answer this question you need to understand the history of human relationships with God from the start recorded in the bible. From the start of human life found in Genesis 3:8-13 God did speak and instruct humans. Man was perfect and had a direct relationship with him. After they choose Satan's advice and broke the only rule of the garden they, not God, severed their relationship with him. For example, think about a wise and loving father with a grown son who is still living at home with his parents. When the son becomes rebellious and decides to leave home, his father does not stop him. The son pursues a bad way of life and gets into trouble. Is the father the cause of his son’s problems? No. (Luke 15:11-13) Similarly, God has not stopped humans when they have chosen to pursue a bad course, but he is not the cause of the problems that have resulted.

    When Satan led Adam and Eve into disobeying Jehovah, an important question was raised. Satan did not call into question God’s power. Even Satan knows that there is no limit to his power. Rather, Satan questioned God’s right to rule. By calling him a liar who withholds good from his subjects, Satan charged that he is a bad ruler.

    This account also raised 2 issues:

    1. God's right to rule mankind - sovereignty

    2. Mankind's ability to rule themselves

    How could God once and for all settle that issue? How could he teach all intelligent creatures that the rebels were wrong and that his way truly is best? Someone might say that God should simply have destroyed the rebels and made a fresh start but we may not be here. Besides that, getting rid of the rebels in Eden would not have answered the question that had been raised regarding God’s right to rule

    The rebels in Eden were not the only ones involved. Millions of angels were watching. (Job 38:7; Daniel 7:10) How God handled the rebellion would greatly affect all those angels and eventually all intelligent creation. So, what has he done? He has allowed Satan to show how he would rule mankind. God has also allowed humans to govern themselves under Satan’s guidance. He is staying back and letting things run their course because of the choices of our ancestors.

    Though we suffer the effects of inherited sin, we still have the option to keep our integrity just as the faithful man Job 3,500 years ago. We choose when trials come up whether to give in to them or stand up and fight for what is right ~ sin does not force us to do wrong, we choose to though, that is not to say we make mistakes, the point is if you do it willfully and use it as an excuse, you are not covered by the ransom. As long as we live in this old system of things, trials of one form or another are inevitable. But instead of becoming downhearted, why not view trials as an opportunity to confirm your love for God and to refine your faith in him and his Word? The disciple James wrote: “Consider it all joy, my brothers, when you meet with various trials, knowing as you do that this tested quality of your faith works out endurance.” (Jas. 1:2-4) Remember, too, that “Jehovah knows how to deliver people of godly devotion out of trial.”—2 Pet. 2:9.

    Consider the example of Jacob’s son Joseph, who was sold into slavery by his own brothers. (Gen. 37:23-28; 42:21) Did Joseph’s faith crumble as a result of that act of cruelty? Did he become embittered against God for allowing evil to befall him? God’s Word clearly answers no! Moreover, that was not the end of Joseph’s trials. Later, he was falsely accused of attempted rape and was imprisoned. Once again, though, he never wavered in his godly devotion. (Gen. 39:9-21) Rather, he let trials strengthen him, and for this he was richly rewarded.

    Granted, trials can sadden or even depress us. Perhaps Joseph felt that way at times. Other faithful servants of God certainly did. Consider Naomi, who lost both her husband and her two sons. “Do not call me Naomi,” she said. “Call me Mara [meaning “Bitter”], for the Almighty has made it very bitter for me.” (Ruth 1:20, 21, ftn.) Naomi’s reaction was natural and understandable. Like Joseph, though, she neither stumbled spiritually nor wavered in her integrity. Jehovah, in turn, rewarded that precious woman. (Ruth 4:13-17, 22) What is more, in the Paradise to come, he will undo all the harm caused by Satan and his wicked world. “The former things will not be called to mind, neither will they come up into the heart.”—Isa. 65:17. Sin will be a thing of the past.

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