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who wants to help name my dog?

im getting a new puppy! YAY!

Its a girl, she is a border collie/blue healer/akita cross, she's mostly brown and white with a little black, looks more like a border collie than the other breeds. Im looking for a original name, don't really like unisex names, i want people to know she's a girl when i tell them her name lol If you got any ideas let me :D

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    Juno, Corey, Georgie. Sadie, Clarissa, Gigi, Phoebe, Maggie, Charo, Tasha, Cindy, Susie, Sally, Pookie, Jess, Trixie, Floss, Polly, Roxy, Lacy, Fuji, Bridget, Brianna, Taro, Gretal, Mimi, Maia, Millie, Jackie, Jilly, Rosie, April, May, June, Cherie, Angie, Yvette, Monique, Molly, Queenie, Maddie, Bess, Lucy, Candy, Sandy, Cassie, Jemma, Java, Brownie, Choco, Auroa, Alanna, Alice, Belle, Amber, Angel, Amora, Amethyst, Anya (On-ya), Anne, Anna, Ariel, Asia, Autumn, Bailey, Bella, Bessie, Beth, Betsie, Berry, Azalea, Blossom, Dixie, Dakota, Daisy, Lilly, Diamond, Flossie, Foxy, India, Iris, Jinx, Kiki, Kika, Labelle, Libby, Lizzie, Lexie, Maya, Loretta, Lorina, Melody, Lulu, Marcy, Maya, Mazzy, Maylea, Missy, Nikita, Muffin, Pearl, Poppy, Pixie, Punkin, Scarlett, Yasmin, Skye, Shyla, Summer, Sunshine, Sheba, Sheila, Star, Shania, Tulip, Sasha, Lucy, Tess, Meg, Bootsie, Jenny, Lala, Violet, Annabelle, Bitsy, Akira, Stevie, Minx, Dolly, Grace, Gracie, Ella, Conga, Sabrina, Cece, Celine, Callie, Goldie, Jewel, Dusty, Maisy, Abby, Kelly, Mitsy, Luna, Gina, Tessa, Buttercup, Amber, Bluebelle, Freckles, Tahema, Lindsay, Nina, Maiza, Mazie, Miranda, Lottie, Kacie, Mandy, Suzanna, Cleo, Belinda, Courtney, Sonia, Isabelle, Paula, Rita, Blanca, Lara, Hulu, Hela, Vicky, Holly, Nadia, Lyra, Raven, Kara, Pedrita

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    Obviously it is possible to do it but it will take several weeks and why cause your dogs that confusion just because you saw a film. What if your parent/s or guardian saw a name in a newspaper and decided to change your names just like that? How long would it take you to respond to a different name and forget your old one. Seems to be a bit of an egocentric and generally thoughtless thing to do to some defenceless animals.

  • Mike M
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    If it was good enough for a John Wayne film it would make a great name for your pup!

    Also Pearl, Emmylou, Missy, Abigale, Ellie, Maybelle, Stella.

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    I really like Penis for a dog name. it's not unisex at all

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    Mia, Jade, Kara, Xena (pronounced Zena...or you could just spell it with a Z..whatever! haha), Shelby, Lexi


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    Hi ......Millie, Lulu,Carrie, Hazel,

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    all i can think of right now. ill probably repost later:))) good luck with your new puppy!!!!

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    sky, jet, kia, luna, eva, meg, roxy, trixie, lady :)

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